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Fexofenadine Side Effects

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Hi, after speaking with a pharmacist yesterday they suggested switching from Acrivastine antihistamines to Fexofenadine for my hay fever. I took one last night and I’m really struggling with sleep tonight and was wondering if that was a side effect of the Fexofenadine? Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, is this something that will settle or do I need to go back to taking Acrivastine? I had to leave it until last night to take the Fexofenadine so as to minimise mixing the two antihistamines.

I also take Fostair inhaler and Dymista nasal spray, and my asthma seems well controlled on this.


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Hello,I started on Fexofenadine last November. I took the first one at night and it dried up my airways and breathing. So I didn't take anymore for weeks as it put me off.

Now I take half a tablet in morning and half at night. I have read you shouldn't do this though but it works for me.

I haven't noticed any sleep problems but everyone is different.

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Thank you for your reply! I might try going back to my old antihistamine for tonight and then try taking the Fexofenadine in the morning and see if that helps X

Hi, I’m prescribed Fexofenadene by my consultant and take up to 4 tablets a day depending on the severity of my symptoms. I haven’t experienced any problems with sleep, but everyone is different and it is listed as a side effect, so it is possible. I would go back to your GP if you continue to experience possible side effects so that they can try something different.

Thank you! I will definitely be going back if it isn’t a one off X

Hi Nicki, Iv been on fexofenadine 180mg for about 25 years and have never had any problems with side effects. My experience with medication is that you have to give it about a week to settle down and then if you continue to have side effects go back to to your GP or consultant and discuss the issue with them. Hope that helps

Thank you! It’s great to hear others experiences with it X

It is the only antihistamine that works for me, and even then not totally I have been taking it since 2010, no side effects. Give it a bit more of a go. I find it really only lasts for about 16hours rather than 24, but was told only to take it once a day.

I had to stop taking Fexofenadine because of this. Despite taking it in the morning my mind would go into overdrive at night & I got very little sleep.

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