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So, I have just come off the phone from one of the nurses at my GP surgery, and she has switched me from 200mg Clenil Modulite 1 puff 2x daily (initially I was on Clenil 100mg 2x puffs 2x daily but due to the shortage they changed me to the 200 and just halved the number of puffs) to Fostair 100/6mg 1 puff 2x daily, and just wondered if anyone had any useful tips or experiences? How long roughly did it take to start taking effect? I know my Clenil started kicking in within a few days (but I think that was because I was going from just having Salbutamol, and it did take a couple of weeks before I started noticing the full effects of it) I suffer severely from hay fever, I take Acrivastine antihistamine tablets three times a day, and Dymista steroid spray, but obviously with the high pollen count I have lost all control over it! My asthma has flared as a result, my peak follow is normally between 500-530, although it has been a couple of months since I got near that, I’ve been running at more like 400 recently, which is why the nurse has suggested Fostair to try, especially as I’m supposed to be back at work in a pre school nursery next week so I want to be as controlled as I possibly can be! Does anyone else use a spacer with theirs? I use the blue AeroChamber, and from what I gather I use Fostair the same as Clenil? Thanks x

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I imagine it will take a similar time to take effect as your Clenil did - beginning to within a few days but a couple of weeks to do so properly. It should really help as also contains a long-acting bronchodilator as well as the steroid element. In the meantime maybe be prepared to need your blue inhaler more while it kicks in? You sound really sensible with regards to your asthma and the issues you've had (and seems like you have good support with your nurse) so I'm sure you would do that anyway!

Spacer-wise, I'd say yes. I'm not on Fostair now but when I was I used a spacer for it as it helps to make sure all the drug gets in and doesn't get lost.

Thank you for replying :) I guess that sounds sensible, I didn't even think about the whole potential to need the blue even more but makes sense while I'm changing over! But something I will definitely keep an eye on, I've got my own peak flow meter (suggestion from my pharmacist, he was amazing after I got diagnosed, I must have driven him crazy constantly going in and asking questions haha! But he gave me so much useful advice) so I can keep a check on things... thank you! I think because it's all so new (I was diagnosed 2 years ago) I'm working through it all and learning all the time... this forum has bee great, it's been so useful being able to read peoples stories and experiences, and I find that my pharmacy have been great with queries and help... I've yet to speak to the same asthma nurse twice at my surgery, but they've always seemed to give practical help and advice, and the one thing they did right at the very beginning was to make sure I have a proper asthma plan in place that seems sensible and easy enough to follow...I've found that great when speaking to any medical professional about my asthma as they have something in writing with guidance on what needs to happen next! X

You might not need your blue inhaler more, I just thought of it as I replied so added it in case. If the long-acting bronchodilator in the Fostair kicks in quickly that may well override the new steroid kicking in. Actually though, am I right in thinking both Clenil and Fostair have beclometasone as the base steroid? If so there might not be a dip in anything as it's carrying on with the same steroid.

Thank you, I appreciate it as it wasn't something I'd even though about! I've got enough of the blue should I need it... I'd be very worried though about work, I work in a nursery, I'm supposed to be going back next week after being on furlough since the schools closed down end of Match, and there's only going to be 2 staff in the room, plus I'm not going to be able to avoid the pollen (my biggest trigger) if we're out with the children so I'm going to have to be super organised and super prepared and fingers crossed it all goes smoothly!

The nurse did say something about the base being the same or similar (I can't remember exactly what she said now when she said about it) and she said to completely stop the Clenil, so hopefully that should then be ok fingers crossed X

It sounds as if it should be a smooth transition (will keep my fingers crossed for you!) Just make sure you have your blue with you as normal - but the long acting bronchodilator bit may mean that helps, pollen and all.

Hope it goes well. I used to teach Reception and love the small people!

Thank you, that’s what I’m hoping! Aww thanks, I’m so nervous but I am looking forward to seeing their little faces again! X

I have been on Fostair 100/6, Fostair 200/6 and been moved to Relvar. Personally, I was not a big fan of Fostair.

I used my Fostair with my spacer and it worked. Since Fostair is a steroid it will take a while for it to build up but sine you are already on a steroid inhaler, there may not be a lot of time required for Fostir to build.

You will probably see some improvement in a few days and in about 2 - 3 weeks you will probably see more improvement. If not, that speak with your GP again.

Thank you for replying :) Hopefully it will kick in within a couple of weeks, but I will definitely speak to GPs again if it doesn’t :) The nurse only did me a prescription for one inhaler at the moment and she wants me to book another phone consultation before it runs out so they can be sure that things are improving and so they can decide a plan going forward which sounds sensible :) X

Hi I’m fairly new to asthma so have very limited experience but posted on here about 3 weeks ago. I was wondering about fostair & how long til it started to kick in. After 3 weeks I am starting to see - and feel - a difference. I have an antihistamine to take at night & meds for acid reflux first thing in the morning. I’ve never obviously suffered with hay fever or acid reflux but my GP saw some signs and symptoms in the presentation of my cough, time of day etc. So all in all I think, combined together, the fostair is helping. It just took time. And I’m really not very patient! 😀

Thank you for replying, it’s good to hear real experiences :) I’m new to it to, I was only diagnosed 2 years ago, although I probably had symptoms for a few years before that, mainly linked to hay fever as I suffer with that so bad! That’s great that you can see and feel the difference in a couple of weeks, were you on anything before Fostair? Ah that sounds tough, I have asthma and hay fever, but I haven’t ever had acid reflux and it’s never been mentioned! Glad to hear the combination of things are helping you :) Haha I appreciate that too, it is so tough when you just want to feel a bit more normal and you know it’s going to take a while before anything helps! X

I was on another preventer inhaler QVAR I think initially. Worked great for about two weeks but then seemed to stop. It’s a lot to get head around isn’t it? I stupidly didn’t think you could be diagnosed asthmatic at the ripe old age of 47! I also think I had symptoms of asthma for a while before diagnosed. I hope the Fostair brings you some relief 🤞😀

Ah, I’ve been on Clenil which seemed to work well when I was first diagnosed... last hay fever season it did seem to make a difference, I still had to use my blue salbutamol but not regularly, and then it all settled completely, and when I had my annual review in February my best peak flow had gone up from 440 when I was first DXd, to 495 my first review, and then 530 in Feb a year later so it clearly helped... I just think this year the pollen count has just been sky high and that has just spiralled everything! I was 26 when I diagnosed, I don’t have much family history of it except for my Auntie and one cousin... I think hormones triggered it for me, it certainly seemed to kick start hay fever, I never suffered with it until I hit my teens and now I’m on antihistamines pretty much year round, which then was the trigger for asthma! It’s such a massive learning curve! X

Hi, I too use fostair as, like you, I am affected by the pollen. I also work in nursery and so am outside with the children a lot. When I first started on fostair 4 years ago the asthma nurse said I could take another 2 puffs at lunchtime if needed. I found that this helped a lot when the pollen was high. Maybe worth asking your asthma nurse about.

Also someone told me to put Vaseline around my nostrils as this helped catch the pollen too. Not sure if it does work but I do it anyway, as anything to help in my book is worth doing.

Hope this helps, good luck being back at work.

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Nicki-Lou123 in reply to Balls01

Thank you! I am genuinely terrified because of all the guidance saying to ensure social distancing with having asthma... but my boss won’t budge! There’s moments when I just want to refuse to go in but I value my job too much to do that! I will definitely ask about the extra puffs of Fostair... I’m thinking I’ll hopefully be okay with my Ventolin during the day if it’s needed as she didn’t say anything else other than to remind me about taking 10 puffs if needed then call for help... I try the vaseline too, and I brought those hay fever wipes, again like you I’m not totally convinced! But anything to give even a little bit of relief is worth it!

Thank you! Have you been working during lockdown? How have you found it? Like I said, I’m looking forward to seeing their little faces! But I’m so nervous, especially as my hay fever has caused this flair up so I don’t have full asthma control! X

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Balls01 in reply to Nicki-Lou123

Hi, I so understand how you feel. I am lucky my headteacher is VERY understanding. I did work during lockdown, however only once every fortnight. I needed to for my sanity!😆

So I guess that broke me in gently. Can you speak to your boss or line manager about your worries? Maybe they can come up with ways to help you feel happier about it. Also ask your asthma nurse for a letter or something. It might help.

I hope you can speak to them and get things in place. Take care and good luck 🍀 with it.

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Nicki-Lou123 in reply to Balls01

Thank you :) Haha yes I think I need to get back for my own sanity too! That’s good that you have been eased in gently... sounds like the sensible thing to do :) I will have to speak my boss before I go back anyway, as I guess I really do need to let her know about the new inhaler beforehand, so I’ll talk it through with her then and see what she says! Thanks x

I take fostair 100/6 with a spacer I was on serevent/tide (I can’t remember which name as there’s 2 I was on the duo one )for a good 10/15 yrs and it was great then our local health authority wanted people change to fostair as it was supppsed to be better .My asthma went off the rails at first but slowly got used to the change although I’ve slowly added to my meds since I’ve been on it mainly for the allergy side .i have hay fever which has been a big trigger these last 2 yrs so I also take montelukast ,fexofenadine ,spiriva and a nasal spray which all help with different aspects of my asthma .The fexofenadine has just been added to my repeat after trying it last yr as cetrizine wasn’t working for my hay fever anymore .it is trial and error finding the right meds and to be honest I don’t know if it’s the fostair not working as well for me that’s led to an increase in the meds I take or just a time and age thing also I’m still working with my main trigger which caused the asthma 28 yrs ago x

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Nicki-Lou123 in reply to Nutzs47

Thank you for replying! Like you said, it’s all trial and error as things that work amazingly for some people are the worst for others! It’s also hard to know whether things have naturally worsened or if it’s just a case of being on the same meds and become less effective! Gosh, that must be tough having to work with your main trigger.. I find it hard when we spend so much time outside when my hay fever is just going crazy! So I’m so grateful that up until next week when I have to go back to work I can just stay in and avoid it all as much as possible! I dread to think how much worse things would be if I had to work! Take care x

I've swapped from seretide 250 2x a day to fostair 100/62x2 a day I can't really tell much difference I can take a deeper breathe with fostair.but it has given me reflux and my muscles in my hands keep locking.dont need a spacer because I use the powder.wishing you well.

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Nicki-Lou123 in reply to reiver

Thank you for replying! It really helps being able to hear others experiences :) Hope they can help you with your reflux and muscle locking, doesn’t sound nice at all :( X

I was on symbicort Mart but I was finding it hard to suck during an exacerbation so was changed to Fostair 100/6 Mart. So far apart from really terrible cramps when I used more than x6/8 a day I've found it good. I do mix it up with my ventolin purely to stop the cramps. I'm sure once Covid is over and I get seen this will get sorted.

Thank you for replying :) Yeah it is difficult not always being able to get seen when you have issues! I'm so grateful that when I first got diagnosed my pharmacist suggested getting a peak flow machine, and I have found that my results seem to resemble the results I get when I've had it done at the surgery so I know I'm okay with my technique, it's been so helpful and a bit more reassuring having issues but not being able to be seen as I would have been! I'm also so lucky that so far my peak flow does seem to be a good reflection on how my asthma is doing, I've heard of many asthmatics whose doesn't, so that has made it so much easier to monitor and know how I'm doing while I can't be seen! I hope you can get seen and sorted soon, take care x

One other question I've thought of... I've obviously been keeping an eye on my peak flow twice a day, more if I've been particularly symptomatic and/or had ventolin.. I was just wondering do you check peak flow before or after taking Fostair? As it has the long lasting reliever element... thank you! X

I do my peak flow and use a app on my phone. It's a good indicator of things going off so to speak. Also I forgot to mention I do use a spacer. Hence the change too. I find it so much easier. All the best with it. I had tried Clenil but couldn't get on with it. Mind you I've tried a few. I also take Spiriva respimate x2 once a day.

Thanks! I use the peak flow app, it seems simple and straight forward to use and I find the graph is a good visual aid too.. do you take your peak flow before or after your Fostair? I use a spacer too, I even usually use it for ventolin as much as I can too so I know I'm getting as much in as possible.. thanks, I found Clenil was fine, it did take a little getting used to the taste of it and getting my technique right but it seemed to work well for me until this hay fever season, hence the change... Ah gosh, I've just had the Ventolin and Clenil, now Fostair, as well as antihistamines and nasal sprays X

I use the nasal spray and antihistamine (fexofenadine) in the morning. Both are once a day.

You shouldn't need ventolin with fostair but that's my opnion I'm no medical person in asthma. Have you been told how much Fostair you can take? Mind you not now as you have taken Clenil Fostair and ventolin. Maybe seek 111 advice. Someone on here will have better knowledge than me.

As regards PF yes always before meds for me. Then I generally do one a few hours after if I'm on a good day. If I'm poorly then 30 mins after just to see how I'm doing and if I need more help.

That’s the plan I believe, not to be needing Ventolin... the nurse said to stop taking the Clenil and take the Fostair one puff twice a day, and keep my Ventolin handy and to use if I need it... thanks, I guess that is a good way of knowing exactly how things are going taking it beforehand... I used to check peak flow after taking my am and pm doses of Clenil (obviously it doesn’t have the reliever aspect so I didn’t think it would make too much of a difference) and like you if I’ve had Ventolin I usually check 30/40 minutes later to keep a check and make sure it’s going up X

Thought I’d just update... so day 3 of Fostair and I have to say I’ve started to notice the difference with having the long acting reliever! I actually got up to 470 on my peak flow meter this morning which is the highest I’ve been able to blow without Ventolin for a couple of months! Also had a phone call from one of the GPs this morning (not my own but I’ve seen and spoken to him more than my own so he is probably the one who knows me and my history best!) and he said he isn’t happy for me to go back to work until my asthma and hay fever have improved, so he has signed me off for a minimum of 3 weeks, so that’s a big relief! Thanks again everyone for their replies and advice :) X

hiya - i’ve just started fostair myself. How have you found it? I only started taking it today and already can feel a little difference however it has increased my heart rate and made me a little shaky. (not great to have before bed) Did u experience any of this and does it settle? many thanks

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Nicki-Lou123 in reply to Foskr

Hi! I have definitely noticed a difference, it isn't perfect and I am still finding that I need the occasional Ventolin (stress and anxiety have been a big trigger for me!) but I have definitely noticed a big improvement moving from Clenil to Fostair! Oh gosh, sorry to hear you're having side effects, I didn't really experience anything like that with the Fostair, haven't seemed to have any side effects at all, although I do find that if I have had to use my Ventolin, especially more than 2/4 puffs that I do get very shaky and it does feel like my heart rate increases, but it is only temporary and doesn't last long! The best advice I would say would be to speak to your Asthma nurse if you have one? Or GP or someone at your surgery and explain what has been going on and get their advice and suggestions

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