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pip assessment

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i have ankylosing spondylitis had to renew my pip claim did not go very well

the people at the assessment provider never do the report wright u say one thing they put some thing else i had a nurse do my report not a arthritis specialist she don't know how my condition effects me she's a nurse as now i have pitting off the nails as well and joint pain and finger pain

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Have you been to the website of nass.co.uk/. This is the charity devoted to AS. You will get lots of help there.

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No I have not but I will give it a try thank you for help

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Yes I went to the website site to day thank u for your help

Hi I’m the same I went to tribunal and won . But because it went to tribunal . They are renewing all tribunal cases. Which is entirely unfair .I have a friend who received pip when it changed over no medical evidence and yet kept her pip lowered her mobility amount . And then blow and behold when hers was up for renewal she gets hers extended till 2023 totally unfair . I have medical evidence what I suffer with Ra arthritis/ osteoarthritis. Etc . So I know where you coming from yes they do write what they want . My nurse asked is it because of Covid you haven’t been out no I have arthritic knees which are on the last stages of having to be replaced well they are gone . So how does it work . I’m just looking forward to the tribunal again . Hope everything works out okay x

Hi, if you email gary@nass (I think his full email is on the website, but I'm pretty sure it's gary@nass.co.uk) he will send you a letter in support of your application, properly explaining AS and how it affects you. I've heard many people saying how much his letters helped in their application.

I keep toying with applying for PIP. My AS is fairly well controlled with biologics and pacing. Getting a job though would ruin the pacing - I have plenty of rest breaks each day! I also have digestive issues no one can or wants to get to the bottom of and this gives me anxiety. I read so many stories of being turned down for PIP and the stress of it, it puts me off. Like monkey Raymond said, it seems those who are not as deserving seem to be awarded it with ease. My sister has no diagnosis (and was thoroughly checked for AS after my diagnosis but nothing showed up) and gets a shed load of benefits. So much so she could afford a 3 week trip to Florida with her family a couple of years ago. She's going again this year if lockdown allows... Even if I had the money I wouldn't be able to travel that far! For some reason she took my mum as well who told me afterwards she sincerely doubted now there was anything wrong with my sister, who was taken off the plane in a wheelchair, but the next day managed to run completely unaided into Disneyland!

Get someone to fill in your PIP for you. It's all in the words, how you write your answers. I had CAB help the first time and since then a guy from my housing association has done it.

The NASS guy is Garry - garry@nass.co.uk

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Thank u I will give it a try

Hi. The Scope helpline are very good with this type of thing. Their number is 0808 800 3333. Best wishes. 🌼

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Thank u for your help

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Hope things work out for you.

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Thank u

I was just awarded Standard Rate PIP for mobility issues due to arthritis & fractured hip. They look at the help you need and NOT the help you get! The app. form is tedious BUT possible! Fill it in at your own pace & ask for more time if needed. Join a forum where there are lots of people who are willing to help. Don't be thwarted & don't give up! I've applied in the past & been refused & won a Mandatory Reconsideration, plus again & Tribunal found in my favour resulting in a substantial backdated amount. They award from when the claim starts. I now receive £334.80 a month & will get this until a review in 2023. I also have helped with 5 Attendance Allowance Claims for friends/family. You ARE entitled to this help!

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