I have ankylosing spondylitis I had to put in a new claim because I had 3 changes one was I have to inject my self with humira every two weeks and have blood test every month and because I need to use a walking aid they said I cant have my pip because they say I can walk 200 meters witch I cant I'm in pain every day the health person that came out to see me took 15mins to right my report he said I take heart pills for blood pressure which I don't it is so annoying the way they treat disable people

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  • Hi there the first thing to do is appeal and keep doing it until they overturn their decision , it's a disgrace the way they treat people and they are told to fail people at the first attempt so people don't bother and saves them money to waste on other things

  • thank u I will keep trying

  • In any situation these days pester like mad until they give in and tell them you have paid your dues and want a return

    I'm on the border line for knee replacement and have had the cartilage done so next is knee replacement but that's along way off I hope I can't carry bags atall because off athritis but I can walk ok ?? We're doesthat leave me

    Good luck

  • if u can walk and talk the pip don't want to no a bout how your arthritis and how its affecting u to them its all a bout points dwp all ways let u down when u need the help the most

  • It is all about points I got pip for all the things I have to help with having psoriatic arthritis and OA . I also have COPD I was awarded standard for both. It's all about filling the form in right using the right words. I got help from the CAB with my form . And I don't have a walking stick at the moment . But I am waiting for one .

  • We are sorry to hear you have been having a difficult time rpb20003. We hope this platform here offers some information and you find the support of the HU community helpful.

    For more information on arthritis, about our self-management approach to managing your pain, local upcoming events, recipes and more information about our Membership, you can have a look at our website: arthritisaction.org.uk

    All the best,


    Arthritis Action Communications Officer

  • thank u

  • That's terrible appeal against the disision

  • i will thank you

  • Never ever give up they will give it to you it's hard going but you'll win in the end

  • Thank u

  • So happy for you I'm fighting them now good luck

  • Thank u not long now and I should here some think from dwp

  • just wanted to let u no after all the hard work I put in and all the months waiting I got my pip back standard rate care and standard rate mobility in till 2022 thank u for your support

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