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HI all I havent been on site for a while. Life gets hectic at times. Ive been taking my meds for 3 months now. Getting to know the team at the blood clinic very well and the pharmacist a the hospital. Things appear to be going well no major side effects and I feel my symptoms are getting less I even have days when I forget I have RA (this aint so good as on those days I do far to much a regret it for the next week) Luckily my husband and work colleagues are good at reminding me and my friend sends me nagging text messages. Only had one mishap and that was on our wedding anniversary had a little to much wine and passed out in the bathroom. Lesson learnt !!!!! The only other issue I have had is getting hold of the RA nurse who has a mobile number that she never answers. Feeling positive about the future though I have more blinking nodules growing horrid ugly things. Have a pain free Christmas everyone xxxx

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  • Hi Kyriew

    Its great that the meds are working for you. I have Osteo and Fibro. I have been getting Gout a lot recently and have had to knock the alcohol on the head because it appears to be a huge trigger for me. I found some lovely non alcoholic wine in my local shop and myself and my pregnant daughter are like a couple of lushes we have a glass with our dinner or watching tv. I want to feel normal and that's a big ask I was never normal in my life but sometimes its good to feel the same as everyone else. You sound like you have lovely supportive people in your corner that is so important you are so lucky. Have a lovely Christmas. Gently hugs coming your way.

  • Great to hear from you. Gout is awful my son gets it, his trigger is red wine and tuna but he takes tablets now which have worked for him he is only 26 so very young. I think unfortunately my family genes are a bit prone to arthritis type problems. I must have a look for some alcohol free wine for Christmas its not the same having a cup of tea!!!! I often wonder what normal is I like you dont think I have ever been classed as normal I like to think of myself as "Quirky "

    Have a fantastic Christmas and what a joy to look forward to a grandchild.

    Gentle hugs back


  • Your poor son is so young i'm an owl one of 58 so I deserve it for all the alcohol fulled days of my youth. I got rid of my Gout finished the Steroids Sat and decided to try a glass just one with a Chinese meal when my friend and I went out two nights ago. Well I'm using a crutch and my toe could double for Rudolf's nose so lets say I've done the research and Alcohol is a huge trigger for me. It will be an alcohol free Christmas. My husband keeps telling me to lay off the chocs I may just die now.

    Gentle Hugs X

  • Oh no NO wine and NO chocs. Dont think I could bear it. Poor you I know Robin said he couldnt even bear the weight of a bed sheet on his foot when he was suffering. I will be off to Aldi this week to search for the wine you recommended. Do you think there is an alcohol free Gin out there somewhere.


  • I wish I love gin in a tall glass lots of tonic ice & lime. as the song goes Its going to be a long lonely christmas without you (G & T). :-) xXx

  • Ha ha xxx

  • I'd really like to know the name of the wine as I'm struggling to find one that's nice!? Especially the non alcoholic red ones - very similar to cordial juice!!

  • Its available in Aldi and its Specially Selected Alcohol Free Sparkline Red Muscat Spritzer, also available in White Spritzer and I pay €2.99 for it. Its yummy.

  • Oh thank you! I'll give it a go!! I'm missing the grown up drinks. Merry xmas!!

  • Hi I picked up some nice ones from Morrison yesturday

  • Than you. I'll have a look!!

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