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In January I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in hands feet and knees. However, when I went to have tests done for something else (different department) which meant lying down, the consultant kept asking if my back was okay. I do get pain in my upper back, shoulders and neck but was never asked about those by the rheumatologist.

Anyway, when I received a copy of the letter from the Falls and Syncope department which had been sent to my GP, he had listed my current conditions including osteoarthritis but had also put ‘osteoporosis?’. I can’t decide if he saw something (my spine does have a curve - I was told that by a physio in ‘98) and is suggesting I be checked for that or some other reason.

Should I be asking to be checked when things are back to normal? If so, how do they test?

P.S. I have vitamin B12 (123) and vitamin D (23) deficiencies.

Any advice would be welcomed.

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I believe that diagnosis of osteoporosis would be done via a machine - at least, that’s how I found out I did. OT have it, the test being done for another reason. You will just have to ask your medical practitioners what it’s all about. They are there to help you, not to make you anxious

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Thanks, I know you’re right. I just worry for no good reason. I detest random comments like that being thrown in to reports.


Hi MissKota, thanks for sharing your experiences and sorry to hear you're worrying about this.

Do speak to a healthcare professional about your worries and ask for their professional advice, as they may be able to explain the letter in more detail.

Let us know how you get on!

Thank you. I’ll do that.


For Osteoporosis you need a DEXA scan, it's simple all you have to do is make sure you're not wearing any metal e.g. zips, metal fasteners


The curve in your spine might be an indication of damage, for advice try here


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Thanks for replying poemsgalore1 . That’s really helpful.

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I wanted to put a link to The ROS (Royal Osteoporosis Society) but I couldn't get there. But it is working now.


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