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Osteoarthritis - Cam Lesion


Newbie here so all advice is good advice.

Diagnosed in 2014 with a Cam lesion on right hip following an x ray, at the time spoke to consultant he said I was too young (35) for any sort of surgery on it just take it easy and do low impact sports and it will be ok for now, he also stated it looked like there was a small touch of arthritis in it so surgery may be no good either way.

Now present day had an x-ray done 8 weeks ago no change on the hip still have Osteoarthritis cam lesion hasn't got any worse, the problem is for the last 4-5 months i have been having major back and shoulder problems been to physio numerous times with regards to it they always state muscular now i am having pins and needles in my right leg, has anyone here on the boards had the same problem? Is back issues a common problem for athritic hip patients?

the pain all over is unbearable at times, I couldn't even speak to my doc today when i got the result it was a receptionist who told me no change I thought I at least could have went it and had a word with the doc.

this is all very frustrating and i know there are thousands of folk who are in a worse situation than me but I would just like some advice in this situation.

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Hi and welcome it have got bad lower back problems waiting for the nerves to be burnt I to get pins and needles in my legs once againget a very warm welcome and all the best

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Second time I have heard about nerves being burnt. Does that help all sorts of pain


I was told my my pain clinic nurse it should help a lot but I did have injections in my back 6 of them they helped but now I am waiting to go on the list to have this burning done in saw the video how they do it on you tube at least they give you a local anaesthetic phew


Let's hope that works

I know someone in Spain just had this done after having hysterectomy and nerve block injection, she is hoping this helps her pain after every thing else


Let's hope it helps

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