Osteoarthritis pain

Hi all I'm new on here and wonder if anyone has good tips for osteoarthritis pain . I have had it for about 10 years a used to take anti inflamatories unfortunately the long term use of them caused other problems so I cannot take them and can only really take paracetamol . Recently the pain in my hands and feet is really bad and GP gave me naproxen which has upset my stomach so back to square one . I ask the GP if he could refer me back to the hospital but she said no as there's not a lot to be done for osteoarthritis . Please can anyone reccomend anything .

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  • Can you take co codamol which isn't like nasids anti inflammatory tablets but he can give you these on prescription as you can't buy them this strong over the counter. If you can you should go back and ask for these as they can be very good for arthritic conditions

  • Co codamol can interfere with bowels, making one v constipated.

  • Yes but compared with the pain in my opinion it is worth it and constipation is easily solved

  • Hi yes I did try those but of toilet problem when told GP Dave me naproxen along with Voltarol Gel which I don't think is the same you can buy in chemist as it doesn't really ease pain . Do you know of anyone that gets relief from a copper bracelet .

  • I find warmth important, wool socks made a real difference. Exercise also works for me. Look at anti inflammatory foods. The return to normal of my tender and swollen finger joints coincided with me changing from spread and sunflower oil to butter and olive oil.

  • I am not on any medication and find volterol helps, on my knees, feet and hip joints. I see a chiropractor once a month now and that helps, she gave me exercises to do once a day which also help to keep me going beyween visits to her. I still get flare ups but they are not so frequent as they were.

  • Nannymaga, I know how you feel. Naproxen didn't help me at all . In the last 4 years I've had doctors have me try five different medications and not one of them helped me for my osteo. I'm still looking for something to ease my pain . Mine is in my shoulders, hands, knees elbows feet, and my spine as well. I sure hope you have better luck than I'm having to ease yours. I also have sciatica nerve pain as well. Good luck. J. D. Quinn

  • Thanks for all advice it's like toothache in fingers and toes I have had trapezectomy on both thumbs and right shoulder done bug this pain is worse as its constant if I sit lol I'm so stiff till get moving

  • Hi Nannymags55. I have Severe OA, started off in my neck and shoulders, now in my arms, hands & feet aswell. Only meds i can take so far is Gabapentin, but that's for the horrendous nerve pains i constantly get. Have tried Tramadol, but had a frightening experience with that! Co-Codamol, but like you, I had the same experience. I mainly just grab a hot water bottle when the joints start giving me hell, & sit it out until i can just about manage it & carry on regardless.

    Hope you find something soon to ease your discomfort.

    Ruth x

  • Thanks all for advice I'm going back to see GP trying a different one lol see what he says x

  • Hi. Insist that your GP refers you back to a rheumatologist. New research &a ideas are ongoing. We all know that exercise is good, but massage can really help. T helps me. Best wishes

  • Morning all you lovely people.Thanks for advice I think I'm going to see if GP will refer me as I worried about hands this morning my right hand was so painful and I couldn't move my index finger and thumb for ages they were locked and it bothers me to think I'm going to end up loosing use of them .

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