Have somewhat of a relief

When and saw my neurologist this afternoon and while I absinthe room with him I had asking what I could do about my sciatica nerve pain. In the process I had also said that no xrays have been done to see what's causing my pain. Also during the conversation I had told him my go had mentioned about physical therapy if needed. Of course he had asked where I was feeling it and how bad it gets. He's set me up for both an xray of my lumber spine and is having take physical therapy soon when I get set up with it. I'll be releaved when I find out what is causing my pain. I sure hope the xrays show what's aggravating the nerve in my lower back.

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  • Hi, I also had sciatica and it was caused by a nerve being trapped by a bulging disc. A few visits to an osteopath sorted out the sciatica.

    I wish u all the best 😊

  • Twigletto, I'm not sure what's causing mine as of yet . I'm suppose to have it xrayed on the 18th of this month. My doctor also has me set up to have physical therapy. I'd actually like to have the xray done first before starting the physical therapy. I'll see what the physical therapist thinks tho. They may think suggest not to wait . Idk.

  • I agree JD. How is the Physical Therapist meant to know exactly what is wrong without an X-ray? I hope all goes well 😊

  • Thanks , Twigletto. I need all the luck I can get right now between my joint pain and this on top of it as well. By the way please feel free to call me by my first name witch is Jason. You don't have to use my screen name when you respond to my post on here. Thanks again

  • Hi Jason

    I forgot to mention that I had been for an MRI scan so the osteopath knew exactly where the damage was done.

    Pain is an awful thing to have because it is invisible to other people and it really effects your quality of life. I wish you all the best and hope you have a good weekend 😊

  • Good morning Twigletto, You're right about the pain it is awful and it's already taking me to my knees almost on several occasions. It's hit me at work trying to get up from a sitting position four to six times already. None of my co workers know that I'm having problems with it and I don't want them to if I can help it. My boss doesn't know either I haven't told her. Jason

  • Hi JD I had a similar pain which went from my back down my right leg I had an X-ray and it showed a prolapsed disc in my spine, I thought oh no surgery however the specialist at the hospital informed that this disc was pushing against my nerve and had inflamed it so to begin the process of treatment I went to a different hospital where they carried out an injection into my back which released a steroid to reduce the inflammation and that worked a treat for me, it may be different for other people but it’s an option. I would be very wary where a physio is concerned when it comes to the back especially if he hasn’t seen an X-ray as technically he is going in blind and will be having to use guess work and that can be dangerous, so insist on X-ray first and get the correct treatment after. I hope that is of some help.


  • Kolonelgreen , I'm suppose to have my lower back xrayed a week from this coming Wednesday on the18th. They'll be taking four different images. My neurologist is having me go and get it xrayed. I told him I had been having problems with it on the right side of my body and that I'm feeling it all the way to the bottom of my foot. I had also said that my gp that I go to knows that I'm having problems with it but hadn't pushed or suggested an xray to see what's causing my pain. So he told me he was going to order an xray plus is having me go through physical therapy as well. Jason

  • Hi Jason

    That’s great news your getting the X-ray but I would be asking what the physio is for if they don’t know what the issue is? To me it’s like a mechanic trying to fix a car without doing a diagnostics test first to let him know which part of the engine has the fault.

    Take care


  • Oh I agree 100% Kolonelgreen, I'll most definitely have the xray done before I start the physical therapy. The physical therapist office only know as of right now that I'm having sciatica nerve pain on my right side. They actually called me yesterday to schedule my first appointment. I didn't get the message until after there office hours to call them. So I'll most likely call Monday. I'm off Monday with it being a holiday. I'll explain I haven't had the xray taken as of yet and when I'm scheduled to have it done so they'll know when to put me in for my first appointment. I just hope once I've started all this that it'll help. If it doesn't I don't know what will. Jason

  • That's great all the best Jason I hope it works out for you. 👍

  • Thanks a bunch KolonelGreen . I've fought this long enough and can't seem to get my gp to do anything to help me. I didn't think my neurologist would be the one that would take me seriously enough. The pain has put tears in my eyes on several occasions . I think part of the problem has to do with my osteoarthritis. I have all idea thats whats causing my siaticia never pain. My spine might be changing. Ive had osteoarthritis for almost 5 years, but was actually diagnosed with it until two years after my symptoms begain witch was in my hands . Ut started in my shoulders and knees by the year of 2015 . My spine issues followed after that. Yesterday my hands hurt all day and still do this morning. I had to stop doing my house work because my hands hurt to bad . I have a 17 pound pug that i have to pick up to take up and down my stairs and daus like i had yesterday I so afraid I'm going to drop him when they feel like they did yesterday. Jason

  • Keep focused on the progress you have made so far it’s not easy living with arthritis I can sympathise but keep strong and positive your getting great help. What is your pug called? 👍 Kolonelgreen

  • My pugs name is Newman. He's 12 now I've had him since he was a puppy. He's solid black with a white patch on his chest the shape of a seven or candy cane. He mac registered. He calm now that he's gotten some age on him now. I've tried to be as focused as I can with all this joint pain as much as I can. My middle back is aching like crazy right now and has been all day. I haven't been able to get comfortable all day. Plus the sciatica nerve is acting up today too. I'm not comfortable what so ever today. It's over cast and stormy looking where I am and I think that's why it's acting up on me this weekend. It's just been a very uncomfortable weekend for me. Jason

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