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Pain Relief Gel


Had PMR for a few years and have developed OsteoA in knee. Due to have a replacement soon but the other one has caught fire. Couple of queries.:-

Can both knees be done at the same time?

Also is there a gel I can use at night to stop the pain. I know there are many on the market but just wonder if one stands out from the rest.



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Hi- like you, I have PMR and while having it developed OA in both hips and both knees. Have had them all replaced over a 20 month period. Currently 6.5 weeks post op from the last knee.

I have heard of people having both knees done at once, but be cautious: Knee replacements are pretty painful and take a lot of exercise to recover from them well. Because of my various risk factors, my surgeon didn't think it appropriate for me. The first knee I had done was the least bad one, but a year later, it is still painful. I and all the professionals put this down to not having a "good' knee to use for my recovery. In contrast, because that knee is now stronger(despite the pain) my rehab on the second knee has been much better and smoother and actually less painful.

Obviously your surgeon will have to advise you on this, but they are often worried about the steroids making it a riskier process. Having said that, I had to search out of my area to find a surgeon who would operate on me and I had to pay for it all, so don't be deterred if you don't like what one surgeon says- keep fighting for what you want!

I didn't find any painkillers that helped my OA pain, by the way.

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Please could you send me a little bit of your bravery.

I don't know whether it would work for you, but my GP prescribes me Fenbid Gel, and it works for my OA in my hips.

Thx, gonna try find and check it out.

Hi. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis ,Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis.

I've had bones taken out of both my hands ( but not at the same time.

Have had so many different types of creams and gels, both from my G.P,the hospital and some that I bought from over the counter.

The only one that have helped me is

PURE KANA, It's a CBD Menthol, muscle roll on relief gel .I get it from America.

They don't sell it over here unfortunately. It's not a miracle cure ,but it's the only one that have helped me.

If you do decide to try it,i hope that it helps you. Good Luck. Gjkas. 👍

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Be on ebay looking for this or may try Canadian Pharmacy. Thx for the tip.

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Yeah, give it a try. Be careful of buying off Ebay. You want the original.

Be better off the Canadian or American Pharmacy. I get mine from America. Pretty good stuff.

You're welcome for the tip. Gjkas.

The active ingredient in Fenbid is Ibuprofen, I personally think good old Voltarol is the best, I get mine on prescription

Been looking at that. I'll try my GP to see if I can get it on prescription, but will buy a tube first to try out.



Tried Voltarol, Ibuprofen , Paracetomol , prescription strength Cocodamol, knee support, others a bit too expensive. Doc seems to think it could be a knee sprain but won't send me for tests until Covid has died down, which I agree with. So I am going to have to suffer extreme agonising pain ( okay ladies to you it would be a slight twinge ) until can get tested. By the way I'll never used the Codamol again played havoc with my inners and like the others didn't do a thing. Thx for your replies.

Hi, thx. No longer selling this item in link.

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