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Pain relief for Osteoarthritis?


Morning all,

I have just completed 2 visits to the physiotherapist. He's told me that apart from paracetamol, and exercises, there is nothing I can take for my osteoarthritis.

True, I can't take NASADS, (due to kidney problems.) TRAMADOL OR CODINE, (as they make me sick) but is there anything else out there that I can ask my doctor about that you guys find helps with the pain?

Thanks for your help here...


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Hi Mgt8,

I've just started physio and am not that impressed. My OA is in my right shoulder. Just got exercises to do. Told much the same as you in terms of pain relief. However, as I have a heart arrhythmia and am on warfarin ( Coumadin if you are in the US) I can only take Zapain, which is Co-Codomol 30/500 and only available on prescription here in Britain. You may wish to research the ingredients and see if it any good.

Hi Mgt8, for a pill-free method, I would recommend heat treatment - I've been almost permanently attached to my hot water bottle for many months now, and it does seem to relieve some of the pain. I think it works by relaxing the muscles. Yes, I know, a lot of people think this is silly but seriously, it's worth a try. Also, you can alternate heat (ie hot water bottle) with cold (ice packs, frozen peas etc wrapped in a towel to avoid contact with your skin) - ice packs should help to reduce inflammation. Hope this helps, C

I use a CBD spray at bedtime for some relief and a good nights sleep.

Hi MGT8; I'm in the same position, no painkillers seem to work except NSAIDS which I am not allowed. Warmth is a great painkiller so have a blanket over my knees when sitting down most of the time now. Ibuprofen gel, Tiger Balm and Dynamint all help; and I have just received an infra red lamp which I am going to try (will let you know). Exercise is good as well but depends on your pain threshold I guess. No magic cure that I know of unfortunately.


If you can tolerate turmeric tablets (available on Amazon) then a high dose approx 1.4grams a day helps me and many others. It helps ease the pain but does not get rid of it. You will also benefit from the many other qualities turmic has for your body. I hope this helps.

I feel arthatec tablets and anti onflammatories normally helps

MikeG1944 in reply to paulhusky

Unfortunately Arthrotec contains a combination of diclofenac and misoprostol. Diclofenac is a NSAID. So I guess that won't help me or MGT8, but I had Diclafenac decades ago for kidney stones and it worked amazingly well. Not allowed to have it now sadly.

Sweetie, I know how you feel. I have osteoarthritis as well. It’s in my spine now and I’m fearing the worst right now on what it’ll do to me down the road. It started in my hands six years ago and now is in my spine , hip , knees and feet also in my shoulders too. Nothing has helped me that I’ve tried in the past few years. Some days I can barely get through an eight hour work day . Hope you get some relief soon. Best of luck to you. Jason

In the past I've taken glucosamine which you can get from health food shops. If you're in the UK try Holland and Barrett as I know they definitely stock it. I found it beneficial and the only reason I stopped taking it was the cost. It's on special offer sometimes so it would be worth stocking up. You'll need to check the ingredients to check it's compatible with your other medication.


Has your GP not suggested Ibuprofen gel or similar pain relief gels? They only target the site of the pain were you rub them in and dont get into the bloodstream.

Hello, I have arthritis and I have had one knee replaced and I am awaiting the other to be done. I have had a PAIN PATCH for the last 2yrs . It is a patch that contains they say "60 aspirin" This dissolves into your skin through the patch over a week and then you change the patch. I have found them very effective and there is no way that I could swallow that many aspirin in a week.

Sometimes the pain does increase and I take the extra one now and again but usually i am fine with the patch.

Butec 10 or 20 Transdermal.

There are some very good pain relief gels - 5kind, they have a small amount of botanic properties in them. I find they help, much better than deep heat and all the rest and I have tried them all in a search to alleviate that pain. With these products I am doing alright.

Good luck

Think of meds as a short term solution to keep you going for now.

Long term non-med relief from OA comes from having great synovial fluid and great muscles around the damaged joints. For that I cannot recommend a whole food plant based diet no oils and (ideally bikram) yoga highly enough. In simple terms the former will increase the quality of your blood. The latter will drive that fresh blood directly into those joints rejuvenating the synovial fluid.

Only just read your blog, I'm the same with medication. I am on pregablin at the moment and the PAIN MANAGEMENT DOCTORS have just put me on Fentanyl. But I was thinking, try a Wheat Bag, you can warm them up in the microwave ànd you can bend them into any shape, Great for your hands, feet, neck etc.. Hope this helps you. Take Care Gjkas 😊

Mgt8 in reply to Gjkas

Great idea, that might just work...

Will give it a go and let you know....😊

Okey Dokey.Fingers crossed. 😊Gjkas

I take a high dose of hemp seed oil and magnesium citrate to help ease the pain in my joints, also been told about hyaluronic acid that also helps, haven't started those yet

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