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The weather makes not one iota of difference to my arthritic pain. My joints hurt more when I walk and less when I don't , simple as that. I exercise in water for one hour six days a week and this really helps. I have other conditions too which sometimes interfere with my exercise regime; at these times I am really aware of the pain and can't sleep. I require bilateral knee replacements but was advised to decline due to other conditions. Anyone got any other non pharmacological tips on pain control for arthritic knees? Thanks. 💜

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  • I can relate to your: joints hurt more When you walk and less if you don't and weather makes no diff to me either. Swimming doesn't suit me cos of other pain pelvic issues. So when I tried swimming I always came out of the swimming pool worse than when I went in.

    Sleep has been quite a problem for me over the years and recently with extra pelvic nerve pain, it's been only 2 hours at a time at most. Sometimes only 2 hours per night.

    I am hoping This extra nerve pain will improve in the future.

    Right, when I feel it is going to be impossible to sleep, I imagine I am in a lovely warm swimming pool and floating on my back. ( knowing how to scull may help). I feel the gentle water lapping around me I know I can relax and and I concentrate on that.

    I only use it when I'm desperate. It usually works. definitely worth a try.

    The only other thing that springs to mind is complimentary therapy such as Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. Not to be confused with the NHS acupuncture or symptomatic Acupuncture.

    Hope this helps

  • Thank you for the advice. I have often thought about acupuncture but I really don't fancy the idea of the needle. I know I'm pathetic but due to ill health and bad phlebotomy experiences I just can't face it. I do my own INR testing just so I don't have to trust another person....... I will reconsider it. :-)

  • Not pathetic at all when one has had bad experiences. No pressure by me saying think of a strand of your hair. That would be about the thickness of the Acupuncture needle.

    Also it can take some research to find an experienced and advanced qualified Acupuncturist. Right no more talk of that. And thanx for replying. You could try bringing the energy up to your knees by a gentle stroke from your ankle inner side up to your knee and then down again on the outer side of your leg. Do this for two or three minutes. May help with the pain. Or you could get a book on Accupresure and try doing some treatment yourself. I have a book on it. Not in house at present to find title but when I do, I will let you know.

  • Ok, got the book to hand. And btw it is available from libraries in a later addition. But I bought mine on line several years ago.

    Acupressure How to cure Common Ailments the Natural way . by Michael Reed Gach

    Lots of chapters with diagrams including Insomia and knee pain.

    Hope you have found this helpful.

  • Thank you Rosepetal. Despite a near fall last night they're not so painful today but I'll seek out the book. XXX

  • fogot to mention memory foam mattress topper. Have you got one? I've had one for many years now. It helps for comfort in bed. Scary for you having the near fall. I understand the feeling only too well.

  • I have a memory topped mattress these days. I did have tempur mattress but it was like sleeping in wet sand for me. I found it extremely difficult to turn over lol! I find a pillow between my knees helps but very hot! I did purchase one of those cool gel pads but my knees were so hot the pad heated up far too quickly

    To be of any benefit! Jeez, life is a challenge isn't it? Lol! Thank you for you replies Rosepetal, I hope you have a pain free wonderful day. 💜

  • Well I find that very interesting about your description of the Tempur memory topper. Good description thank you. I've often thought about one but never taken the plunge. Just buying the cheaper ones off famous auction site. Interestingly I did try a pillow between the knees but chose a memory foam one which was a mistake for me so off to the charity shop it went. Funny, I have thought when my knees feel red hot, I could cook an egg on them. And you're right, life is a challenge. I'm thinking I may have an interesting learning day tomorrow when I try out a mobility scooter for the first time. Not sure about it but nothing ventured, nothing gained!

    Been great chatting to you. Take care


  • I use a scooter and it opened up my world. I'm glad I put up with the teasing from my friends because it changed my life for the better. There is nowhere I can't go now.

  • I sometimes put on a knee support, and sometimes use a stick. Cycling instead of walking works the best for me, and the dogs can run beside me in my local woods. I am on so many pain killers and now my joint is that bad that I am having a knee replacement.

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