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Toe Pain

Hi, can I ask anyone with foot/toe arthritis what it feels like for them?? I'm still undiagnosed but rheumy suspects OA. I was referred by my gp over hand pain. In the meantime, I'm now having foot/toe flareups. I do have a pretty ugly bunion on one foot, which has never hurt before, but now I feel like something is gnawing at all my toes on both feet and I can barely bend them some days. Or it feels like a sharp pain and that someone is standing on the base of my big toe. This happened quite suddenly a few weeks ago. I don't know if it's worth going back the gp, when I see the rheumy again at the end of next month anyway.

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Hi, I have Arthritis in my feet and toes, I was in dreadful pain yesterday, and since December have had really big issues, When I get out of bed, My feet feel alien, they will not hold me up, and I have to try and stand on them, to take my body, My toes are deformed, my ankles hurt, I have lumps on my lumps, and to top it all, I cannot walk in them. That is what it is like for me, I apologise if My post makes you feel bad, It may be different for you.


Hi foot arthritis is not good news. I have osteo in the balls of my feet which gets worse with excessive walking, but I have gout also which looks like a bunion on the big toe when it hurts sometimes the toes do too.I also get heel and ankle pain on occassions. If you have a bunion that could be part of the foot pain problem too but bunions can be treated with an operation. Wish I could give you good news , the main thing is to get a proper diagnosis of all your problems so correct treatment can be given. Oh I have diagnosed osteo in my hands too, wear a splint to the right thumb, this tends to make your wrists weak also with pain on occassions. I am awaiting a Rheumatology appointment in September to reveiw my arthritis problems. think that is what you need to determine the arthritis extent and what treatment may be best.So write down all your problems ready for next Rheumy visit which is not far away now, and good luck with it. Feet & hands often benefit from a soak in warm salty water.


Hiya silver

I’m still undiagnosed I saw the rheumy 3 weeks ago for the first time and I’m having ultrasounds on my hands on Friday.

I originally went to my gp in March as when I woke up my right hand was painfully stiff and I couldn’t close it. She noticed both my hands were swollen. They had been since Xmas but didn’t bother me so I just got on with it. I had bloods taken for suspected RA My bloods just shown raised inflammation so she referred me to rheumy. Since then both hands on the knuckles and joints are painful , including fingernails. My feet have episodes and my toes are now painful , again including the nails. It’s not constant pain it’s a bit like their piano keys and someone is playing a tune on them but holding the keys down from a few seconds to maybe an hour . I know that sounds weird but I don’t know how else to explain it.

I’ve recently come across psoriatic arthritis on the internet and you don’t have to have psoriasis to have it.

I’m finding that pain in the nails seems to fit it. Have a search on nras. They also have a group on here that might be worth you joining. Theirs no harm in educating yourself to possibilities.

Sorry for extremely long post.

Goodluck with getting treatment and a diagnosis.

Also keep a record of your symptoms so you can share them with rheumy. 💕💕y


sometimes when you go on line you come across things that could explain your symptoms. I know what my problems are just don't know how to manage them on occassions.. Good luck with your scan on friday please let me know how you get on.


Thanks Katie 🙂 I will do.

Pretend fingers crossed it goes well. 💕💕


My feet have fallen arches, which probably led to pronation. I am also pledged with large bunions. I can take these shoes out of the box and start hiking with no worries. They really are the only shoes I have in my house. From the slippers through the sandles, to the sneakers and finishing with the leather boot. Also, Orthofeet stands behind their product 100%.


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