Miracle Gel That Conquered One Woman's Arthritis

I just read this and it may be a lot of whooey but worth a try.  This woman had terrible arthritis in her knees and, after trying Flexiseq, she now can walk miles without pain.  Oh wouldn't it be nice if it were true?

The results  from 6 different clinical studies involving 4,000 patients found that the gel, which is made up of millions of droplets of fat called phospholipids that penetrate the joint, helps mobility and eases pain.  The price of Flexiseq (a tube) is £16.80 and available at any chemist/pharmacy.

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  • Anyway, I will TRY yet another product (Flexiseq) and see if this 'magic' ointment  works on my angry knees - I so long to shut them up....

  • It really makes you wonder if it's worth a try. Arthritis is awful to have no matter what type it is.  Like you I'm tired of feeling the way I do with mine.  Take care. J. Quinn

  • I'm with you there JD all the way.  I'll buy this stuff and let you know if I feel any difference in the joints. 

     You take care also - Sookie

  • The fact is I hurt all over from my waste down. Everyday anymore.  That includes my lower back as well. J. Quinn

  • Lower back pain is really the pits JD.  I have that too and can really feel for you.  You've been through so much and it's just not fair.  I'll still get the ointment and see if it relieves the lower back.

    Thinking of you, Sookie

  • Ya I know , I woke up with it this morning first thing.  I'm on a pair. Med now but it's also not doing what I need it to do  I'm at the point now I can't stand or walk around without my lower back or hips hurting all day . It's very tiring for me during the day.  I do alot of sitting now when I'm home , more than I used to. I hate being this way but I have no choice.  I'd like to go out more to but I know my hip or lower back will act up on me. Not being able to stand long anymore without hurting can be pretty rough.  So the question is what should I do?  You know the things I've talked about looking into. J. Quinn

  • Can anything be done surgically with the hip JD?  My cousin had both hips done and is pretty mobile now.

    I know what you mean about not being able to walk.  I used to take walking for granted most of my life, and now find myself sitting too with the stupid arthritic foot.

    What about physical therapy one on one?  You mentioned a good wheelchair for mobility - are you still considering that option?

  • Yes very much so because of the fact I find the longer I stand the more it hurts if it's not my right side it's my left. . Sometimes it a combo of both witch makes my days worse and unbearable.  Those day it can have me in tears if I'm standing to long or over doing it. So yes I am still considering a wheelchair for me. I've looked at the tilite wheelchairs as,well as a couple of the wheelchairs by  quickie. I think it's time that I go on and get one ordered before this winter gets here because I know it'll be just as bad as this past winter was. I'll most likely order a tilite zra titanium wheelchair for me.  I haven't checked to see what to do about my hip yet I'd rather put that on hold for awhile longer.  I'd rather go with the wheelchair first.  I was actually looking at wheelchairs again this week online because I've felted awful all week long. The type of arthritis I have can confine me to a wheelchair from what I'm reading and as of right now that looks like what is going to happen.  It has progressed rather quickly since March of last year. So far I haven't found a pain medication that is helping my pain. Each attack I have is worse than the last that I had.  A few weeks ago the tops of both of my legs hurting like crazy. That day I was almost on my knees. So you see those are the reasons I'm considering a wheelchair for me. J. Quinn

  • JD, you have been through so much with chronic pain and it's hard for people to understand unless they have it.  It wreaks havoc on the body and mind and is exhausting and exasperating.  You seem like such a strong person trying your best to cope with this and just live your life to the best of your ability.  I sincerely wish there was a pain medication that really worked for you and WOULD gain you some deserved relief.

    I agree now about putting the hip on hold and checking with the wheelchair option.

    Thinking of you and take care,


  • Good morning Sookiedee, like you said it is very exhausting on the body when the fatigue sets in and anymore it does take long for me. I sure hope you have better luck getting yourself under control than I have. Be thankful that you don't have it in the parts of your body like I do other than our feet. Having it in the hip is very painful and tires me out quickly if I'm moving aroud to much, that's why I sit alot anymore.  Having something like a wheelchair would help me out a great deal with my mobility and keep me from tiring out so quickly.  Having it in my lower back as well is a good part of me tiring out too. It's very exhausting. Hard surface floors as well as parking lots are the worst for me right now. I tire out within an hour after being on them. I'm feeling it right now in my hip and lower back as well as my legs too this morning.  So I'm in for another bad day it looks like right now. Hope you have a good day. I'll be looking at wheelchairs again today later on.  J. D. Quinn 

  • Hi JD, I think I might have it in my lower back too.  Went to a chiropractor a few days ago and she cracked the neck which was stiff and manipulated the lower back.  But I still feel it.  I've been doing back and neck exercises and will go again to her before my trip to the states.  I'm really fed up like you are, but I know you have it far worse.

    I think the wheelchair is a great idea and would be infinitely less exhausting and painful for you to move about.  You have a GOOD day also and good luck with viewing the wheelchairs today.

    Best, Sookie

  • I'm 3 year into having this now starting with my fingers and hands in 2013 . The following year 2014 I started feeling it in my feet and toes as well then by last March it moved to my hip, lower back , knees and shoulders. I has since then been progressing more in me and that's why I feel like I do right now. These warm months haven't helped me.  I thought that the warm months might but there's been no change in my arthritis other than feeling it more in my hips and back as well. I ware my slippers when I'm home to keep my feet feeling comfortable as much as possible,  and sometimes I'll ware then when I go on errands as well . I'm finding I've got to do what's best to keep me comfortable,  with not finding medication to ease the pain in the lower part of my body.  I found out that using crutches bother my shoulders so that option is out. I refuse to use a cane. Plus I don't think a cane will help me much in my situation.  I know the wheelchair will help me better than what's out there. It's more expensive but it'll take the stress off my joints as well and that's what I'm aiming for.  I'm also still getting the warm sensation down my leg,  that hasn't gone away either. I think that has to do with my lower back tho. I'm tired of trying to find something to help me. The wheelchair was my last option if I didn't find anything that helped me  , so that's where I'm at right now. J. D.  Quinn

  • Do what you feel  is best for you. Problem with the wheelchair though, is that if you use one you will get less and less exercise, muscles weaken more, which leads to more pain and disability, which leads to more inactivity, which leads to further weakened muscles....you get the idea. It's a vicious cycle indeed. The good news is, it also works in reverse. I'm living proof!

    Good luck to you in your search to solutions.

  • Syltownsend, I'm having a hard time now as it is. I'm on concrete 5 day a week for my work. By the first hour my joints are just aching. The problem with mine right now is seem to be progressing rather quickly.  I've been given 5 different media in the last 3 years and nor one has touched my symptoms. I would only use the wheelchair on days that are the worst.  My hip , lower back and knees are the worst right now. Yes I know they say to use the joints as Michael as possible with arthritis but there are days I can't do that , I have to sit and rest when I can. I'm having to do alot of that lately, more so than I'd like to, but I have no choice but to.  My body is tell me now when I need to rest it when I need to be doing things. This is why I'm looking into start using a wheelchair when I need to. I already get enough exercise to stay mobile.  I'm not looking to loose my mobility.   

  • I have both hips and one knee done and it has made all the difference. Feel like I have my life back! Of course it takes a lot of dedication and hard work with pt, home exercises, walking, stationary bike, exercise classes, yoga, etc. Exercise has helped my mood, sleep and fibromyalgia, too, and wouldn't have been possible without the 3 joint replacements, along with 2 other operations on my right ankle and left foot. All in the last 3 years! No regrets, though.

  • I have tried this gel and much to my surprise it helped greatly . I guess it all depends on how bad your pain is. I get intermittent knee pain but nevertheless very painful.

    I found this helped particularly at night. Certainly worth a try and I was very sceptical when I bought my first tube.I've since bought 4 more.


  • That IS really good news Yatsura to hear and to use the ointment at night is a good tip.  Thanks for your report on this!

  • I tired it and unfortunately I might have well being applying body lotion as it did not alleviate my pain at all.  My friend who has knee arthritis also tried it with the same result but conversely my friend says it is the only cream that gives her husband any pain relief yet it does not seem to work on her.  Shows that with many things what suits one does not suit another but that is a one in four chance in my mind.

    I know we are not supposed to give any commerical links but a High Street chemist this week not the one to do with shoes is selling a full sized tube at just under £11 so if you want to try it I would get a tube now.  Best of luck everyone.x

  • I'm definitely going to try this - thanks  Sookiedee!!!

  • Hope it delivers what it says Olly and truly helps!

  • Hmm. can you post a link on this? 6 studies on 4000 patients sounds good, but question is, who did the studies? Who funded them? What methods were used? How did they design controls for hidden biases? Lots of questions to ask. The one anecdote on the woman with knee arthritis doesn't prove much--if it's even true. No way to know if it was the gel or some other factor that caused her improvement. I will try googling this and get back later. Thanks for the info.

  • Syltownsend - just google up 'miracle gel that conquered one woman's arthritis pain' and it's all there.  I still have to find out about posting links unfortunately.

  • Okay, will try it.

  • Here's a discussion threat by people who have used it/bought it, what ingredients are in it, how much it costs etc and what could be downsides. Sounds to me like it really has not been researched well and some people raise safety concerns. Also it is very pricey. I don't plan to try it without a lot better information on safety & effectiveness.

  • To post any link, open the site and click on the url (address) line near the top of your screen. Depends on your device, but with my iMac desktop I click twice to highlight the whole address. Then at the top menu, click Edit, and Copy. Then usually you have to click somewhere on the page so that the highlight disappears. Then go to where you want to post it, click to get the cursor, then to the top, click Edit, Paste. It should be similar on any device. (I think!)

  • Hi I am really new to this but when you are struggling and the medical people just dont listen you try and find like minded people. MY STORY I went to see GP with hip pain that when lying on my side at night would wake me up until I changed onto my back and it went away, Struggle with some pain after walking but much more severe at night, He ordered a scan which show osteoarthritis in lower back which he said was the cause of the pain in my hip. has perscribed 100mg gabapentin x 3 per day for first week then 2 x 3 per day for the second week then onto 300mg x3 per day thereafter, also has given me celebrex for in between pain. Is anyone on the same medication? It just doesnt sit right with me. I googled the medication and it came up with eplispy, herpes and shingles. I am so fustrated dont know what to do. I am sick of the pain.

  • Did you try Vicodin? I hear it is a very strong pain pill, and I'm thinking of having my GP prescribe it to me for my arthritis. They took Celebrex off the market a few years ago, but I gather it's safe now. I am TOTALLY sick of pain too.

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