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gout diagnosis or not?


I have had osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia for more years that I have not and recently an old ankle injury flared up dramatically! Incredibly painful and inflamed. Could drive okay but not walk more than 50 yards without being very close to tears, ready to scream with pain sometimes - a real nuisance. Saw doctor in due course and a provisional diagnosis of gout was given. I duly had blood tests and an x-ray. Today the blood tests came back as being within normal range. Totally amazed as the symptoms fitted with gout and whichever doctor had reviewed the results had marked it up as no further action! Does this mean there is nothing to do with wait it out???

Or do I wait patiently for something like another two weeks for the results of the x-ray which is going to show if any damage to joint. Or do I go back to the doctor to be told again to put frozen peas on it......my reflexologist (ex nurse) was astounded at the heat my foot was throwing out. It has settled down a bit and I am well aware that it is not as bad an attack as some get - by a long way. But on top of everything else it is, for me, pretty unbearable.

Any advice would be appreciated please.

I am 69, female, with two hip replacements, two knees needing replacement and at times painful hands and wrists. Many tests over the years have not shown RA.

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Hi reikiholly - Thanks for your message. We are so sorry to hear you are going through an old ankle injury flare up. As always we recommend you consult your GP or a health professional to identify what is causing your symptoms. In the mean time, we have resources on our website to help you self-manage your pain. You can access the resources here: arthritisaction.org.uk/livi... Please keep us updated, and we are wishing you some relief soon. Best, Katie, Arthritis Action Communications Intern

Hello , were you not treated for gout flare with tablets and anti inflammatories? Normally gout is not treated if your uric acid levels remain normal unless you have more flare ups in the next twelve months. Agreed it is painful and that can vary from patient to patient, but NHS advice seems to ignore the damage that crystals in your blood stream can do to your organs & joints, Gout can be present without raised uric acid levels and if uric acid levels persist they should be treated even if there are no flares hence the reason for blood tests . My knowledge comes from my father having severe gout and the gout I have developed in the past two years. I did not have an xray when I had a flare by the way.


What a gout is, is a basically a very inflamed joint. it is quite possible that your docs do not classify it as a gout yet as you mention it is a injured ankle. It could be the injury just got infected/inflamed.

Given your condition, I would strongly recommend you to pay close attention to your diet, water intake and to boost your supply of vitamins. Vitacherry and Chanca Piedra are your best friends now. These are great natural supplements which fight inflammations and provide support to joints and muscles.

I would highly recommend you to start taking vitamins or supplements containing extracts of these herbs. Let me know if you need more information

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