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Went to my rheumatologist appointment yesterday, for my first appointment. As of right now my rheumatologist is ruling out rheumatoid arthritis. I was told that it could be OA osteoarthritis after they looked at my joints. They did x rays of my right shoulder and hips as well plus did blood levels too. I'm hoping that they'll let me know today what the x rays showed and what my blood levels did as well. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Good Luck to you.

I have Osteoarithis and it is painful. I have it all over my body. I am on lots of medications for everything I have. You also might have to see an ortho doctor too,

That doctor might be able to help you also.


It's starting to spread more in my body. I'm now feeling it in my hips. I'm very uncomfortable right now. I fear that this will eventually put me in a wheelchair at one point. I now feel it in my shoulders , knees elbows , hands and feet and like I said now starting to feel it in my hips too. Good luck with yours as well to linnebur.



Did they give you any pain medications? I'm on Oxcy - 10mg/325 and cymbalta - 60mg. It does help but I still have pain but it is bearable.

Good luck to you.


They did I'm taking Meloxicam 15 mg once a day. It's almost been a month that I've been on it. I kinda figured by now that I'd be getting some relief. I have the arthritis in my knee joints and feet and other parts of my body as well . But some days are still unbearable. That's why I had thought about looking into a wheelchair so I don't have to stand up all day if they hurt to much. I've had some day already that I've been in tears it's hurt so bad in my feet and knees. I don't what to have to go through that again especially if I'm working. I don't like my Co workers seeing me that way but some day I can't help it because it just hurts to bad.



I'm sorry but I understand. I'm on disability because of all that I have going on. I can not even stand to wash dishes so I'm glad I have a dishwasher. When I walk to my garage my back kills me and then the rest of the body kicks in. When I'm walking far I will use my came. I'm only 55 and dealing with all of this. So I do understand. I had this going on for 10 years if not longer because I just thought this was part of getting old. But I did not have all these symtoms at once.


I work outside on an asphalt black top and the way my knees have felt it seem the more I stand on it to more uncomfortable I get. The same goes for my feet as,well. It makes an 8 hr day for me feel like a long day especially on cool damp day or rainy days. Not to mention that I'm noticing that I'm starting to get arthritis nodules. I have one now on my right foot below my big toe on the side. It can get sore as,well. I'm trying to prepare myself for the worst of what this might do to me than what I'm already going through. I now exercise is a big part that I need to try to do to keep my joints functional . But when they are to sore to do that and I start to get tired or I get fatigue and I have in the past . I start to wonder if it's time for me to using thing that won't make me that way. Like using a wheelchair to get around better without tiring out so much. But let me ask this . Would you probably do the same thing? I know you've been dealing with yours longer than I have but I feel it's good to plan ahead when it has to do with something like my health, and from what I'm experiencing so far I'm not really liking it. I sure you feel the same way after what you're going through and have in the past. I contacted spinlife yesterday to see what they would recommend me look into for better mobility. They have a good selection of wheelchairs. I'm waiting to hear back from them. Talk with you soon. Take care.


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