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Hi Everyone

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, 3 old fractures of the spine, osteoporosis of the spine, osteoarthritis of the spine, pelvis and hips and a mild bulging disc. I am in complete agony. Doctor has prescribed Zomorph, which at the dosage given by the doctor turns me into a zombie, so I take the lowest dose and top it up with paracetamol and ibufrofen, which only takes the edge of the pain. I bought a Tens machine, which I must say does bring some relief. The thing I have noticed though is that it shifts the pain elsewhere. Yesterday I used it on the right side, which is where the pain was most severe that day. It eased the pain, but then I got severe pain on the left side. Tried it on the left side and the pain transferred down to the front of my left leg and ankle. Don't want to try both sides at once in case it transfers to both legs and I won't be able to walk. Has anyone else experienced this? xx

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Hello lara1953!

I suspect the pain isn't transferred to the other side, but because of the relief you get from the TEN's you feel more pain in the untreated side. I had both knees and both hips very bad a few years ago and used 2 twin channel TEN's so I could treat all 4 joints at once!

It worked very well apart from the wires in my trousers! I was then very fortunate to meet a brilliant surgeon who suggested that all my trouble was due to an old injury which left me walking in a very ungainly way. he replaced my left hip and slowly my other hip and my knees improved. Try using your TEN's for a period on both sides and then moving pads to other areas.

Best wishes PMRPete

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