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Does a Memory Form Mattress help with back pain ? Does CBD oil help too?



I have been silent for quite some time now. Hope everyone is keeping safe.

I need your help please!!

My pain is keeping me up most night; I have arthritis in my lower back and mostly in my left hip.

The doctor has always been giving me very strong pain killers which as many of you know have side effects - which is why now I have decided not to take any.

only taking the normal paracetamol when I can't move.

A colleague suggest taking CBD oil!! Can I ask? Does it work?

Also does a memory form mattress help with the back pain.

many thanks X

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I would not be without my memory foam mattress. xx

Ginger2019 in reply to louise-a

Thank you Louise-a.

Looks like most people have the same view as you about the matters.

Hi, I haven't tried the oil, but I did buy an eve memory mattress and it really did make sleeping easier. I have OA in both hips and back, plus all over joint pain. I couldn't believe the difference it made. Obviously, I still hurt but nothing like before.

I started wondering if any new mattress would have helped the same, as to be honest my old one was knackered.

Anyway with this in mind I bought a memory mattress from Argos for my caravan much cheaper it's a lovely mattress and when family have stayed they say how comfy it is, BUT it absolutely kills me and is nothing like my eve, so I'm saving up for one for there too. I know I sound like an advert for the firm but I promise I don't have shares in them, mind you I wouldn't mind the prices the mattresses are, but I got what I paid for. I hope this helps 😊

Ginger2019 in reply to Hiphoppy

Thank you Hiphoppy for your feed back on the memory form matters. I have seen it advertised on TV.

Did you find the oil helpful for your pain. As it too have OA and its not going to get any better.


Mattresses, hmm, we tried a memory foam one, but after a while it made matters worse. No support at all. My husband tried CBD oil and it didn't help at all. I think it depends where you get it from. and what quality it is. I find Fenbid gel (Ibuprofen gel) works for me, but it might not work for everything.

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis in my hips and Osteoporosis with 4 spinal fractures.. I use Fentanyl patches, Oramorph and Fenbid gel.

Ginger2019 in reply to Hidden

Hi I have used the gel too. I still wake up with the pain.

Thank you for your feed back poemsgalore1.

I haven't tried the oil, there's so many mixed reviews.

Back to the mattress, maybe I should have mentioned that the eve one is like a board, lovely and firm and both my partner who has no health issues and I who's falling to bits, both love it.

Where the Argos one is lovely, snug and squishy it's still a memory foam, so they all must vary and although that makes no difference to my partner's comfort, it's completely useless for me and I really cannot get comfortable.

Hi Hiphoppy did you find the memory foam mattress made you sweat? I did, I went back to a normal one, but maybe I got the wrong one.

Hi Harvestmouse, I was worried about that as I'd heard about that side of them, I was also worried my partner would moan he was melting but we found it fine, it's definitely warmer but then I'd rather be warm than cold.

Mine was tooooooo warm but I have a topper and that's fine.

Wouldn't be without my memory foam topper; get some good nights sleep with that 4, 5 or 6hrs some nights. Asked the doc about CBD oil and he says leave it alone at the moment because they don't know what the long term effects would be. Seems to work for some people but only with the very strong stuff.

I like the topper but not the full one. Trying the CBD oil for a while, my back is really bad and the pain killers arnt working.

I'm in a similar situation although not as bad as yourself. The only pain killers that have any affect on me are NSAIDS and I'm not allowed to have those due to other meds. I did read some technical papers and apparently by the way they work NSAIDS are the only ones that are expected to work for Arthritis unfortunately.


Hi Ginger2019

I've tried CBD oil one from Holland and Barratt and one from Jan de Vries,I tried the medium price range at H&B it never worked I thought maybe the quality and strength as it was around 30 pounds.

It left an after taste in my mouth and my stomach was really dodgy.

I left it ended up putting it in the bin.

Then last year bought one around 120 pounds I had done a bit of research,same again upset tummy and after taste.

It might be me but I find the more tablets I take over the years my tummy is becoming less tolerable to stuff.

It's an expensive way to test products.

This is my experience but I felt it a complete waste if money.

Take Care.

Have you had an MRI of your back? Depending on what is discovered, there are

other alternative treatments i.e. 1. special exercises for the condition, supervised

by an NHS physio. 2. Guided steroid epidural (Consultant Rheumatologist).

3. Back surgery, again depending on the spinal condition & your general health.

Pain killers only mask the condition, although can help initially.

I have had pain with bulging discs & Sciatica for a few yrs now, & now going for epidural.

Hope this helps. (Sylvia)

Hi Ginger2019, I have used a memory foam mattress over the last fifteen years. It does help with support. The down side is it makes moving during the night harder therfore if you need to keep repossessioning yourself for your pain management this is something to consider. Also it can be very hot during the summer.

Regarding pain management I have found high strength Turmeric with ginger and black pepper tablets definitely work for me.

I have also been considering CBD oil but during my research I can concure with the general sentiment on thus post that it is a bit hit and miss. Also on account of it not being effectively regulated you don't know what you are getting, therefore I think it is Caveat Emptor.

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