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My arthritis is not being followed up

Please can anyone tell me if I born dislocated hip was not treated till walking had plaster under arms all the way down when me mum took me back he said luckily I got around still as plaster bashed to bits but hip was back in 52yrs later prolapsed disk removed 15 years ago bad back problems total hip replacement over yr ago they left it far to long I was knocking off the pelvis I was bed bound at least one year .still in pain as I have osteoarthritis DDD curved spine arthritic changes in vertibra. The worry is every time I mention my hands are twisting so much I can't see me nail every bone in my body hurts my fingers numb and I have growths deforming my thumbs I got ADHD so sorry about spelling I can't stand sit walk get out the house been in over two years I'm ill with a lot more me live as well but can I see a dr that can look at all my bones as years go a dr said my bones look like I been in a bad accident I can't take nothing pain killers or anti inflammatory I'm worried I'm getting all the different illnesses seem like one dr is useless thanks for reading


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Hi Faithfull. I am a bit confused with your post. There is a lot there and it's a wee bit muddled up together.

Could you maybe just ask a couple of questions with a few details about your main problem. That would be useful for those replying don't you think.

Looking forward to your next post



My illness to much sorry I confused


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