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Pulse Electro Magnetic Therapy (PEMT)

Hi, I'm Natalie and I am new to the community. I saw from the various posts that many comments centred around pain management, so I thought I would share an interesting story of my introduction to PEMT. Throughout my life, I have had also had to deal with pain, whether through crohns disease or back/hip problem, so this subject too has been at the forefront of my mind. Recently through a referral to a vet physiotherapist, I was introduced to PEMT as a form of treating my cat for arthritis. (Who would of thought cat Physio). Still, I was so surprised by the results; my cat's mobility had greatly increased after a few sessions and she seemed much more alert, rather than just sleeping all day in one position. On further talking with the Physio about this, she confirmed she does use it on herself. So being somewhat jealous of my cat, I decided to buy a machine for myself and use it on both of us. It does actually works as another pain management tool; I use it on my hands (when they hurt from too much typing), my back and hip (which aches daily for after sitting in an office all day). As of this week, I've been told I have to have key whole surgery on my knee, so I am really concerned about the long term effects of arthritis in my knee, so speaking with the orthopaedic surgeon, he confirmed PEMT doesn't cure an injury, but sends messages to block/reduce pain.

It has lots of other benefits too apparently, so I thought I would share my positive story because it can have a place alongside traditional pain management solutions.

I would be very interested to hear if any other community members have used this also.

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Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT)

...PEMF therapy is effective for pain management in knee OA patients and also affects pain threshold and physical functioning...

See also 'Power of Magnets':-

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Thank you for the links, especially the information relating to the trial. The scientist who mad my machine also has recently realised a book on the subject too, which I'm currently reading which is a good read.

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