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Power of magnets

Hi I have RA and Osteo just had new hip but got it in hands knees and spine also . Had lots of drugs over 3 years problems with all of them so taken off. Now on low dose hydroicloriquine with only minor help take naproxen too and zapain. I have found after trying copper and every other thing known to man that the magnets def help with the stiffness. Wear them for at least 6 hours a day. Buy then from e bay or amazon every little helps and quite inexpensive. I keep ony knee if i have to walk and it helps

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Hi Jadeash. I agree. Magnetherapy is of great value. The cheaper items available seem just as good as the really expensive. I still occasionally use some I bought years ago from the 'pound shop' . There are some on the market which cost a fortune; I can't understand why .

All the best, Reg (IICT) .


Neither copper nor magnets helped me at all. The reason they are so expensive is because so many people swear by them and keep spending money on them - even if they don't work for them. I'm glad that you both get relief from them, it''s just a shame that other people's demand mean you have to pay over he odds for something that gives you genuine help.


I agree magnets are good, but one must have them in the correct position. I used to wear a watch style one many years ago and found it beneficial. Seemed to remember it helped with cramp as well. A friend sent me a mini magnetic once through the post which I think was for the ankle but I've not tried it as I can't remember where it has to go exactly.


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