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I have athritis in spine

I have arthritis in spine I applied for pip had my consultation and lost I had no points . I have appealed against it my appeal is up in a few weeks . I cant sleep at night for pain im on lots of medication . like pregablin cocodamol amitriptyline . I can not turn in bed at night for pain in hips and I have to lie with pillows underneath my legs . my physio therapist says theres nothing more she can do that I will have to earn to manage the pain . my hip is aching now I have to go for a hip xray I can not goon with this pain

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I take Imipramine to help me sleep. I take 1x 10mg and that helps me go to sleep. I can wake up at 2 am. But go back to sleep. It is awful when you can't sleep. I have pain I. My back and left leg. 


There is a natural supplement if you want to try .I used to take it when i had arthritis on my fingers .Now after a few months i dont pain anymore and can do all the movements .It's called sesameal ,it comes from Thailand,i can send u more info if u are interested .It will ease yr pain for Sure .

My email is, and my skype,voyagercy .


Thank you I will look into Sesame.



May I point out that you have not locked your post. That means it can be seen potentially by anyone on the internet not just on health unlocked. When you have finished writing before you press send select community from the boxes at the bottom.

More people might reply.

Also you might try the Pain Concern forum. Lots of knowledgeable people there with ideas for managing your pain.


Ok thanks


i too have spine arthritis and i know how you feel about night time, its agony in bed even trying to turn over!everywhere hurts, hips ,bottom spine , legs... not even the strongest painkillers helps.... your not alone.


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