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Hi All

I joined today so this is my first post. I have several conditions, the meds for which have some awful side effects, or cannot be taken with some of the others. How do you manage with so much medication at different times of day - before, with food, after food, not within an hour of this, that and the other etc. I'm sure I rattle when I walk and my toilet bag is bigger than my suitcase when I go away.

Arthritis, bronchitis, colitis, diabetes, depression, eczema, parotitis and thyroiditis as well as disc and nerve damage giving me sciatica down both legs. Waiting for gynae surgery after ultrasound found something worth investigating, and waiting for physio for the sciatica. I've probably missed something out, but that lot has to be declared when I apply for travel insurance. Colitis meds have been changed six times because of side effects or raised whatever in the blood tests. Weekly blood tests for three months every time it's changed and at least one Xray or scan a week gets me out of bed and dressed a couple of days a week at least, and my friend's dog drags me out for a walk on the other days. It's all good fun really, especially as I've been waiting 23 weeks so far for the DWP's fit for work assessment and have to ask my GP for a sick note every four weeks. If I didn't laugh, I'd cry, and I know I'm in fairly good health compared to some, but I just needed to get it all off my chest and out of my head.

Thanks for reading....if you got this far! Best wishes to all of you and hang on in there. :-)

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I did get that far! Just keep going.


I must admit that someone recently mentioned that she has 48 medications to manage in a day and my first reaction was, "How on earth do you manage the timings of all of those?" and somewhere mixed in with that I was impressed at the sheer level of organisational skill involved in scheduling all of them appropriately.

Growing up, we had a dog that used to be a decent goalie, so it wasn't unknown for neighbourhood children to knock at the door and ask if the dog was in and could play in goal for a while. :) Apparently, a lot of cardiologists advise patients that they should live as if they're dog owners even if they're not - regular outdoor walks etc.

I hope that the physio. makes a difference to you.

The arthritis_action admins here sometimes post about a very useful, exercise app. that is free and is useful for people with chronic joint or osteoarthritis pain:

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