First RA Consultants appointment

HI all New to the site having been told 3 months ago that I have Rheumatoid arthritis Im off to my first consultation appointment this week. Had to wait a while for this to come through. In fact went back to Doctor who wrote a second letter to say I was getting worse. Ive been going to see people for years about pain ect in most of my joints unfortunately when I had blood testes nothing showed until the last test. Yah finally I have the clinical proof that I hurt a lot. I suffer mainly with my feet and fingers at the moment, some days better than others. I now lumps growing on my fingers and big toes. Not happy about that. What can I expect from my first consultant appointment . xxx

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  • Hi it's a lot to take in write done what you want to say and don't let them fob you off asthe appt goes in that quick, best off luck

  • Thanks. I will make some notes xx

  • Hi Kyriew, wondering how you got on? From one med mystery to another!!

  • HI Goldie

    It was actually very good. I didnt get the diagnosis that my GP expected in fact I have been diagnosis with psorotic arthritis.My consultant sent me for xrays and a ultra sound scan. I feel better in that I know what the problem is and I am not a hypochondriac ( I have been told in the past that my pain is in my head) I am now awaiting blood results to see if my liver kidneys and lungs are healthy enough to take the meds required.


  • Hi Kyriew, good to hear you have some diagnosis and further results to follow. I have a suspicion my own diagnosis will also be PA. I have had Palmer Plantar Psoriasis for 8 yrs now and while it has laid low, it's still in the bod. Have you had Psoriasis? Where and for how long? I did private blood test in Ireland last month which came back I have Gout. Awaiting further tests results here on 7th. as Liver readings were high. Do please let me know how you are getting on when yours come through. Don't let anyone upset you by saying it's in your head-----------a Mrs Brown answer------------THAT'S NICE!!!!!

  • HI Goldie

    I like the Mrs Brown answer and will use that. I have another answer that I usually use but cant put that up.

    From what Ive read it does seem that if you have psoriasis you are more likely to have PA. Strangely I have no psoriasis and as far as I know its not in my family. I am hoping that I dont develop it in the future as I have friends who suffer and I feel for them deeply. My son has gout he is only 26 bless him but as long as he takes his tablets he is ok. He did try to cut foods out but its so complicated and he likes his grub and a beer. I should hear soon re my results I am hoping that all is ok so I can get some meds as having a really bad flare up at the moment. Luckily no work today so coping

    Keep in touch interested to see how things work out for you. xxxx

  • Hi kyriew I was also dx with psoriatic arthritis in May last year. But have probably had it for longer. I can understand the pain you are in. I was first dx with OA in 2012. Mainly in my hands at first then started to get pain in other joints. I also have COPD. Once you are put on the right medication you will feel the benefit. I am on sulfasalazine and Leflunomide. They are tablets to slow down the progression of the arthritis. I also take cocodamol for the pain. I try to exercise as much as I can exercise is good for you. I have a few things to help with my daily life. I got a walking frame with wheels from my physio when I was attending a pulmonary rehab course for my COPD. I try to use it as much as I can when walking outside even though it hurts my hands to use it. Take care xxx

  • Hi Nottobad

    You sure have a plate full there. Its good to hear that the meds work from what I have read they take a bit of time to get going. I am still a bit shell shocked so hearing from others in the same position is reassuring. I will take on board you comment about exercise, to be honest I haven't done anything for ages I used to swim 4 times a week but it makes my back and neck hurt so much I gave up. Looking forward to getting back to it though.

    Look after yourself


  • Hi yes they do take time to kick in. Also heat is good for the pain. I find that I am in more pain doing things. So I just do what I can when I can. So my joints don't get stiff. And move around as much as I can. Take care and let me know how you get on with the medication. With me having COPD the consultant said there was a limit to what they can give me. Xxx

  • Im going on to methotrexate. Sounds a bit scary when I read the info given to me. But if it works I dont care. I am 53 and walk around like Im 73 and I miss wearing high heels though I think those days are gone. Will let you know if I am able to take them and if they work Fingers Crossed ( well maybe not as they will get stuck)


  • You will probably go for blood tests. I go every two weeks at the moment for the medication I take. So you are monitored closely. X

  • My consultant did say there would be lots of blood tests and monitoring . I was worried I wouldnt be able to have the occasional G&T. Phew as long as i dont have more than the recommend amount its ok. Are you still able to work I work in a preschool and teach first aid and Im wondering how much longer I can do this type of role for as they are both quiet manual.


  • I had to move house last year and I had to give up my job I used to work as a cleaner. I am 58 I haven't looked for work yet due to my COPD. And being in pain when doing things But I don't think I would beable to work again. I think it is a personal thing. See how you go once you start your medication you could reduce your hours. I can't drink at all with the medication I take. I applied for PIP and was awarded it most of my points were for the things I use to help me with my daily life. If you deside to apply for it I would recommend getting help to fill in the form. I used the CAB. Xx

  • Thanks I will keep that in mind. Talk again soon


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