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Walking and arthritis


I went for a long walk on Saturday and my know and leg have flared up. My knee is tender and painful. My toes are swollen. I am wondering whether to up my naproxen dose or just rest and let it settle. The other side of the coin is if I don’t move, my joints get stiff and painful.

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I get the same my joints get tender a swell sometimes it's a struggle to get out out bed because I ach so much but have to struggle I find if my knee or feet swell I put a bag of frozen peas ect on my joints it takes the swelling down give it a try hope it works

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My sleep is broken as my knees and hips knees ache so much. On waking all the joints in my hands hurt. To ask whether you use any medication for this and if so what? I use Cocodamol three times a day.

Thank you.

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I am on zydol tramadol 3x50mg a day paracetamol 500mg when needed and a gel fenbid forte 10% which I use every day and it helps a lot

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Thankyou, I will look into the gel particularly.

This seems like whats the length of a piece of string type question. How far did you walk, how long did it take ? If you need to keep moving , walk a shorter distance or go slower. If the pain is bad can you not apply ibuprofen gel on the joint? I have mild osteoarthritis in the left knee and lower back. If i do too much , the knee and back lets me know and i rest up. I usually have disrupted sleep if ive overdone it too. If i have deep, restful sleeps , i find that aches and pains arent as bad. I find these two are quite good!

But, ask your personal physio or GP first, especially the first one, as the exercises may not be appropriate for you!

I used to get this a lot and was on a lot of killers -

I’ve been using Flexseq (any supermarket) and it’s made a huge difference -

Well worth a try, takes a week or so to make any difference mine.

I have the same issues and haven’t been able to go for a walk for a week now. The swelling on my foot and knees has just gone down. My lower back is still painful. I love to walk too 😢😢😢😢

Hi Akuno,

Having arthritis in every joint and through my spine, I can relate so much to what you're currently experiencing.

To be honest here, the best, and most grounded advice given from all of the replies above has been given by Ainsdale2010.

Just as an addon to what Ainsdale2010 has said...

* Are you using the same footwear now that you used pre-heatwave?

* Obvious question - but have you checked the soles of your footwear to make sure they don't need replacing?

* Have you tried gel inner soles or such like for extra cushioning?

* Have you considered relacing your trainers/sneakers/ shoes a different way, to relieve pressure?

* What footwear were you wearing at the time?

Every time your feet pound down, your knees take a lot of that pressure..

I'm supposed to be in a wheelchair, my doctor is surprised I'm not paralysed yet ..... I still speed hike 5 miles a day, while load bearing 10kg - 15kg (even in this heat).

My toes and feet swell and burn like crazy, as do my knees and right hip.

I can't even put them in anything cold, and not only is this detrimental to my OA, but I also have Raynauds in my hands and both feet too.

As Ainsdale2010 so rightly pointed out, "please" do consult a GP or pharmacist before using anything.

Medications and gels/creams that work for one person, may be hazardous for another!

(Primary example, Gabapentin is a pain killer, not an anti inflammatory! While this pain relief does work for several, I am allergic to it. It could have cost me my life!)


* A gentle reminder to many who have replied ... We are not doctors or specialists. Only the persons' GP or pharmacist can decide what, if any medication or application may be used. It is unwise to suggest any forms of medication as this could put a persons life at risk. None of us are aware of eachothers medical history, what we may be allergic too (medication wise).

Did you walk on tarmac? I am fine walking in the forest, but when during the early part of the lockdown, we were told to exercise from home, my feet and knees suffered.

Me too. Walking on the lanes played havoc with my knees.

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