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an update on my 2nd tkr

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its 4 weeks on from my 2nd tkr, and im still in agony! staying as positive as i can, things like... it will be spring soon, and it wont be long before this pain stops. but i have to be honest its getting me down now, im on tramadol and paracetamol, but nothing ive tried has helped, i guess its time and only time . i want to ask is there anyone sleeping with a pillow under their knees? its the only comfortable way i can sleep but the physio told me off for doing it. also does anyone suffer terrible back pain in bed at night? sleeping is not good at all. just cant get comfy with back pain.

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Hi mollyandmaisie, Hang in there, so sorry you are still having trouble with pain. I am now 4 months in and not too painful I'm having trouble with my calf on the TRK leg it's very stiff and still slightly swollen as is the foot on that leg too. It may just be that my OA is getting worst in that foot. I have managed at last to get the doctor to refer me to NHS Physio as I just cannot cope with pain killing tablets. As for your back pain I have OA in my back but since the op it has got much worst on that side, I wonder if it is where they pull you about during the op. I hope things improve for you very soon. x

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thankyou vondel, sleeping is so precious i wish i could be painfree just to sleep

Hi mollieandmaisie,

Not under my leg but between my legs. I found that sleep was all elusive but I persisted with my pain killers and slept on my non operated side. I had a partial on my right knee so slept (well tried to) on my left side and I put the pillow between my knees. This had the effect of straightening my back and I was able to get some sleep - and it seemed to reduce the pain in the back.

Good luck.


i try to put a pillow between my legs and sleep on my good side, but i can only sleep like that for a couple of hrs... i get up around 4 times a night. wish i could get a full nights sleep!

So sorry to hear you are in so much pain Mollyandmaisie. I'm feeling the same at the moment and I'm going to try Turmeric from Holland & Barretts today. I sleep with a pillow between my knees but that's for the pain in my hip. It works for a while until about 4am then off we go again. I'm also hoping that the Spring weather (when it comes!) will help. My GP put me on Tramadol and when she realised how many other meds I'm on she told me to go back to the co-codamol which doesn't help much. Turmeric is supposed to help with inflammation. Good luck, MollyandMaisie, I'll let you know if the Turmeric works!! x

thanks for the reply olly, im on tramadol and it doesnt seem to help. neither does co codemol...

I know, I've tried co-codamol and co-dydramol and neither of them help. Life's a bitch, mollyandmaisie! I'm being light-hearted because I'm sort of having a good day; managed to get to the shops and back only stopping a few times.

What is a tkr ?

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I think it's total knee replacement, but I'm only guessing!!

Thank you I guess you are right !

Hi. Yes I sleep with a pillow between my knees for back pain. It does help.

My sister does the same, &a her husband is a retired GP! &a he said whatever makes the pain more bearable. It's your body.

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