2nd knee replacement

well im about to go through it all again, and im dreading it now i know what its like. im still not fully recovered from my left knee replacement as it was only 3 months ago. and still cant go food shopping to sainsburys without unbearable pain after 20 mins of being on my feet. so im wondering if anyone else has had their 2nd knee done soon after their first. however i know it needs doing as soon as possible. guess its better to just get it over with...

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  • Hi, I have had both my knees replaced and like you was not looking forward to it, I think that it is your mind playing tricks on you that does it. Every thing is fine and working OK for 2 false knees and both hips for a nearly 50 yr old lass.

  • thankyou oldbones.... what a great name.. lol. yes it needs doing , just not walking properly yet on my 1st tkr... just dreading not having a leg to stand on...

  • Glad you like the name.

  • Hi mollyandmaisie, Wishing you all the best

  • thankyou vondel... wishing you a pain free year..

  • I am actually jealous which sounds ridiculous but I had my right knee replaced privately (through ex husbands BUPA) 11 years ago NHS wouldn't do it said I was too young. Has never been right have had problems with my knees since 14 desperately need my knees done as so much pain but last time I saw consultant refused to touch me as too young I was then 52 now nearly 55 and live in so much pain all the time no stability in the knees can't walk far has caused hip problems so I say go and get it done and I hope you at least get some pain relief once it's all over. When I had mine done there was someone who had had both done at the same time and 10 weeks later was moving around and you would never know she had had it done. Wishing you the best of luck and a speedy recovery.



  • i didnt have my right knee done till i was 57. the nhs simply refuse anyone until we are old! crazy, as the pain is unbearable. wishing you a pain free year..

  • I was also told that I was to young for any kind of surgery at the age of 42 years but then my case was taken by the chief surgeon you said forget that rule because you need surgery, so now with both hips and knees replaced I can't complain. Now I am waiting to have surgery on the base of my left thumb because it is swollen due to OA.

  • Hi

    I have had the surgery on both of my thumbs awaiting further surgery on my left thumb as it's still very very painful with OA didn't help that I fell on it and broke it after surgery and then fell again last year and damaged it.

    I am going to have to go and beg for my hips and knees to be sorted there are days where I would gladly have them removed so sick of the pain and swelling. Fingers crossed I can get someone to listen this year as I said I had my right knee replaced privately 11 years ago only way I could get it done but it's been useless and is now loosening and pain is getting much worse.

    Take care



  • I had my left hip done privately but the NHS paid for it, confused my surgeon does private work for Bupa health.

  • That's the problem mollyandmaisy the pain doesn't seem to count and as I had my first one done privately I haven't cost the NHS that money I know they say knees only have a lifespan of 10 years but that10 years is precious especially when you can't walk far because of it and the pain it causes. I don't want to wait until I am a pensioner I want a life now which I just don't have just keep taking the morphine and other drugs.

    Take care



  • The consultants I have seen all do work for BUPA and NHS it's the only way I got my first knee replacement as I saw the same consultant on NHS and he said nothing they could do because of my age saw him the privately as my then husband had family cover on his BUPA within two weeks was in having a new knee. Now it's difficult to get them to even touch my knees. It's 3 years since I last saw someone do going to beg my GP to refer me back if she will as I cannot go on like this.

  • Is that the way that surgeons make extra money away from the NHS.

  • It very well could be it shouldn't really matter what your age is but it seems as if it does certainly down here! Spoke to another lady a few days ago she was told too young but how is it NHS too young but private it doesn't matter. How is that fair to anyone unless you have bags of obey which if I did obviously I would have had it done by now.

  • I was going to have surgery on my left thumb due to OA but had to cancel due to the dreaded winter flu bug, so I now have to wait for a new set of appointments to arrive.

  • I take the natural anti inflammatory Boswellia Serrata and have done for three years....it really helps with reducing arthritic pain especially in my knees. I take 400mg twice a day as a maintenance dose.....with an extra 400mg midday if I have a flare up.

  • Hi jillypops2

    I'm in a great deal of pain with OA in both knees and would really like to try Boswellia Serrata. Would you mind sharing where you purchase these from so I can ensure they are the real deal. So pleased they re helping you. Kind Regards

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