an update on my 2 total knee replacements

7 months after my left knee replacement and 4 months after my right knee. still in pain when walking! i would love to hear from anyone that can tell me when i will be able to walk for more than 15 minutes without the pain becoming unbearable... i go to the gym now which does help when im doing the excercises, however, later my knees stiffen and cannot walk at all! so back to bed i go. should i be back to normal now? just want to start my normal life like going for a walk in the nice weather without terrible pain..... couldnt get round b@q last week without nearly bursting into tears!

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  • "Pain caused by bruising from the operation is normal in the first two months, and you'll probably still need to take painkillers at six weeks to help you sleep through the night.

    You may still have some pain for as long as six months.

    If you still have pain after this, speak to your physiotherapist or GP."

  • thankyou pmrpete, im going to see the surgeon next week i will ask why im still in pain this long after.

  • So sorry hear your still in pain. I had a hip replacement in October last year and had a bad knee for years due to the accident I am waiting get my knee replaced now 😭

    Don't really know what to expect but I still have pain in my hip side but if it's the same for knees it can take up to 12 months to feel better.

    I know we're you are coming from as I have had a awful time trying to get about and dreading the knee done. Hope you start feeling better soon. Rose

  • most people i talk to say having a knee replacement is the best thing they had done..... im just that 1 in 100 that still having pain 6 months after. dont let me put you off

  • Hi, I cannot answer this question very well as my total knee replacement I do not think would stop me walking for more than 15 minutes although i still get an ache and am having trouble bending it back properly it would seem that it has made my calf muscle very stiff and it aches in bed too. My feet are so bad and painful they stop me walking for more than 15 minutes so the knee affecting my walking I really do not know

  • thanks vondel, i will persevere, i also have painful tight calves, and sore feet.... i put it down to fybromylgia.

  • I had a knee replacement 18 months ago!! I was in terrible pain for 11 months, one of my friends told me to get an exercise bike as my knee was so stiff!! I purchased one from amazon and have never looked back, every day for 10 mins. My knee is amazing now but sadly due to arthritis im having the other knee replaced very soon, Dawn

  • i use a bike at the gym and it does loosen the knee, till an hr later then it seizes up... i must try and go everyday to the gym, i think that could be the answer. thankyou for your advice.

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