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Pain 18 months on after tkr!!!!!


Knee replacements 18 months ago. For 18 months i am still in excruciating pain. Can barely walk. Cant do stairs and cannot even stand in a queue without feeling I'm going to collapse. Even the inane act of stepping down a kerb is agony! I can't cope with this anymore. Been back to the hospital many times only to be told to go to a pain clinic. No answers as to why. I am allergic to nickel however two consultants I've seen have reassured me that it won't be that. But no idea what it is. I'm getting to the stage where I would rather have no legs than best this pain anymore. Is there anyone out there that is still in agony after tkr????

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I need to add it feels like my flesh is being torn on the inside with every step!!!

Hi, My late sister had the same, it never went away, I feel fortunate that they refused my operation because the risk of infection is too great, I don't know why but every time I talk to someone they say it is the best thing they have ever done, However, I can still hear my Sister saying don't have it, Jen, you have too much to lose. Have you been back to your Surgeon? Maybe ask your GP to refer you.

Quick question , do you or anyone in your family have psoriasis ?


Then read my post below. It might help

Brain fog made me press the reply , duh!

If the answer is yes to either ask to be given a blood test for possible PsA , psoriatic arthritis . I had both knees done in 2013 & thought all my troubles were over , big no. I had the same pains in my legs, the same pain in my back the restless legs, the heavy feelings in legs and feet . Got patted on the head by GP's who said it was my OA , phantom , and all in my head . WRONG. Yes x-rays showed no problem with the joints. But after seeing a rheumatologist, privately first I might add cos I was going insane , I was diagnosed with PsA, psoriatic arthritis and yet I don't have the psoriasis skin problem but my brother has suffered badly since his early 20's, he's now 74.

My psoriasis is internal affecting ligaments, bones and joints and it bloody hurts. So just in case , get your gp to consider this option , a blood test can show a possibility.

Thank you phillylou. Yes I am prone to psoriasis. So will raise that with my gp. It's awful this pain. I'm in tears every night. And it's bone. Flesh. Tendons. Everything under the skin. Thank you for your info.

It's worth a try . When they do a routine blood test at the hospital they just look at normal info . The bloods for PsA and rheumatoid are different factors.

My first indicator was total loss of feeling & use of legs & feet. Only lasted about 6-7minutes but the pins & needles were excruciating .then the fatigue set in , total wiped out feeling, along with worsening pains in legs & feet. I'd put all my pain down to my leg problems for years so when the knees were replaced with only 3 months between I presumed it was still the same. But pain in your " knees" affects your stance, your back, your shoulders, ankles . I was so relieved when I got my diagnosis , and you'll need totally different meds to help with the nerve pain. Good luck and I really hope you get to the bottom ( where I get pain as well) of your problem xx

Did you not have a follow up appointment after you tkr ? Can you not ask for an xray to check and this will give them a better idea what's causing the pain. I had a tkr 11 years ago now and all is well. They used titanium for mine. Insist they look into this as pain can be very distructive in living life daily. Take care xxxx

Thank you cloudtree for your reply. Yes had x-ray and blood tests done. All is fine. They just shrug there shoulders and refer me to pain clinic. Can't beat this anylonger as no one is listening to me. If rather have my legs amputated than put up with this pain. They (consultants) keep saying its highly unlikely I'm allergic to the nickel but that's how it feels! I know as it's the same pain when I've had jewellery bought for for me only to come out in blisters after 10 mins.

I had a total left knee replacement at the end of 2014, it was botched and I ended up in more pain than I began with. I then had a second one in 2016 to correct what had been done wrong, honestly I have not been without pain since before my initial knee replacement. I did fall twice on the knee that has the replacement and caused more pain, which has gone unchecked, but never been pain free, the pain is very intense and tiring. I have learned to live with it. I think you should probably consult your ortho doc. you might need more physical therapy or there may be a problem with the equipment used or infection, you really should have it checked. I have been procrastinating myself, need to get back to ortho doc. I just have to many other health issues right now. Good luck I hope you get things straightened out and start to feel better.

"Pain After Knee Replacement - Why Does Your Knee Still Hurt?"

Updated February 26, 2018

Thanks pmrpete. I've looked on the link and it's very interesting.

I am just so sorry and disappointed that you are still suffering so badly.

Hi there,I am in pain to with my knees OA. I just read online that from jan 2018

can get free nhs treatment from Calali main hospital.As i might need knee

replacement surgery.I Wanted to know how long would i have to wait for treatment here.

Theres no waiting list in france. The HOSPITAL WEBSITE is in English to.

There might be something to help you overthere. It would be better than for us both

than sitting in pain. I Hope it help you in some way.

Hi. Thank you for your reply. May I ask how long ago did you have your knee replacements? And how long have you had pain for after having it done?

Hi Molly and Maisie,

I just spotted this so sorry for the late reply.

I had my replacement last week and the lady opposite me was also allergic to nickel.

The lady next to me was a theatre nurse and she said that they had had a special joint made up for the allergic lady as the regular titanium ones would not be suitable. Also said it had cost a fortune! They used different needles and cannula and everything.

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