Alternatives to prescription drugs?

I have osteoarthritis in my fingers. Also carpal tunnel syndrome and/or peripheral neuropathy. (Along with Sjogrens, APS, hypothyroidism.....)

GP has prescribed naproxen but I find it makes me depressed. Can't take ibuprofen, neurofen etc - they give me nausea and headache. I preferred diclofenac but GPs are under instructions to prefer naproxen.

I also use golden (turmeric paste).

Any suggestions for NON-prescription drugs to help with arthritis?

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  • Hermes123. If you want an honest opinion? I had it in both hands for years very painful ended up with my fingers curling up in my hand almost causing loss of use of right hand, my doctor made me an appointment to see an had and arm clinician a few weeks ago had two operation one for carpel tunnel the other in my elbow, both done at the same time not completely there but well on my way to full use again, my thumb and two finger have return to normal just my little finger and ring finger need a bit more stretching.

  • Hi Coppernob

    I hear that Ginger water is supposed to be good for pain. Grate some ginger into a glass add water and honey. GloucoIsamine which is available in health shops I tried it I dont feel it made any difference. Maybe even heating up a face cloth in the microwave and placing it on your hands. I use heat pads for painful muscles and cold for Gout inflammation which I have at the moment. I don't take anything I distract myself and it works most of the time. I hope you find something that works for you.

    Gentle Hugs coming your way.

  • Thank you Heacdwrecked. I do take glucosamine and chondroitin and that definitely helps with some other dodgy areas like hips and neck.

    Ginger and heated flannel are useful hints, thanks!

  • I use a wax bath for my hands particularly on days when they get really painful, can't get one big enough for other bits!

  • PMRPete could you please tell me something about your wax bath? Make, source, cost, which waxes etc. I can see loads on Amazon, eBay etc, but want to be sure I'm getting the right product at the right price. Thanks a lot! Judy

  • Hi Judy aka Coppernob,

    Mine is a Homedics which I see on Amazon is currently unavailable. The nearest I can see is the Therabath.

    but it seems very expensive at £225

    I leave mine on all the time! but I can use it any time day or night.

    I use the plain standard wax which came with the original (NO perfumes), I do when time permits allow it to cool down, turn the wax out and scrape the dirt away from the bottom, it's a bit like removing the gravy from dripping.

    I do only use it for my hands which are my worst place, mine came with plastic bags to put your feet in.

    Incidentally I learnt about wax therapy when I worked in the old Soviet Union and fell down some stairs and twisted my knee badly, I had wax poured over my knee twice a day by a very pretty Russian nurse.

    Best wishes and a happy new year, Peter

  • So do you think the Mylee wax bath on Amazon for £13.99 (plus, spatulas etc.) would do the same job????

    Mylee Professional 500ml Wax Heater for All Types of...


  • As an engineer I think it would probably collapse and leave a pool of wax somewhere!

    BUT perhaps £13.99 is worth a go.

  • Eeek :-)

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