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What Safe Medication for inflamed knee joints?


What is a good medication for arthritic knee joints? I wake up in the middle of the night with pain. Going to bed is uncomfortable because I never can feel at ease with my legs.

I've been taking Naproxen 250 mg three times a day, but heard from someone else that it causes blood in the stools. Great.

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Sookiedee I took the 500 MG of Naproxen for about 2 months . It helped me a little but not alot. Good luck Jason

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Thanks Jason for your reply. I'll check with the doctor and see what she advises - something with few side effects...... that would be original!

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I didn't have any side effects with the 500 Mg Naproxen . My rumey put me on that after the 75mg Mobic didn't help. But still after taking that for a couple of months I think I'm going to have to start the celebrex.


JD, Celebrex was taken off the market a few years ago because of serious heart risks, and there was even a law suit against that well known pharmaceutical company that puts profits before patients.

I took it back then and so did my Mom. I guess it's back on again, but consult with your doctor, and really pin them down about the side effects of this drug.

I don't seem yet to have any side effects with Naproxen.


Hi, I've been taking Naproxen for quite a while now and find that if I have a small amount of something (carbohydrate) to eat at the time I take it, it solves the problem of a sore stomach. Its worth a try if the Naproxen seems to suit you in all other ways.

Best wishes. Joyce

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Thanks for that Joyce. Carbs are my best friend, so that will be no problem!

All the best, Louise

There is a natural supplement if you want to try ,there are NO SIDE EFFECTS .I used to take it when i had arthritis on my fingers .Now after a few months i dont pain anymore and can do all the movements .It's called sesameal ,it comes from Thailand.I promise it  will ease yr pain for Sure .

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