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Low back pain/prolapse/incomplete evacuation/

Have struggled with low back pain on waking L5/S1 told facet joint related for 10 years. Last 5 years low back pain appears to be forcing into anal region, especially on waking after lying on my back. I do not have sciatic nerve pain down the leg. The early morning back pain gives me bowel urgency in the mornings, however intermittent. The early morning back pain is chronic I have 6/7 hrs sleep, but when up and mobile I am better. This has all lead to immense sitting discomfort in my anal canal and lately incomplete evacuation. I appear to also have some prolapse issues, which may or may not be the driving problem. Surgery is mesh related for internal rectal prolapse and may not be successful, The surgery is complex (ventral rectopexy) including a spinal fixation and I fear my early morning back pain could worsen if I have surgery. (For those of you who understand prolapse my womb is at entrance of, and bladder well down. If I have a hysterectomy this could speed up the internal rectal prolapse. There appears to be no definite answers for prolapse when you reach 60 as internal ligaments are not as strong as they were when you were 30. The gynaecologist says one thing and the colorectal surgeon another.

Could a medication for arthritis help delay this inflammatory process in my spine?

Past blood tests showed RA positive, high ANA. Rheumatologists were dismissive some years back and I was dicharged.

I also have C5/5 narrowing, little pins and needles in hands, aches in arms at times normally morning after lying on my back and some knee pain and swelling behind left knee.

My medicine has been swimming which I do regularly. The healthy drug which has kept me sane.

Any advise most welcome.


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Sweet of you to make contact. Most appreciative.

I shall most definitely make note.

And a big thanks.

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Thanks Kai,

Made me laugh.

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Hi Sandra

I had hysterectomy in 2000. In 2009 I had rectopexy witg polyester mesh . Sold to me as flexible strong uncomplicated. ... STARR needed or not in 2010 as rectopexy didn't work completely. Late 2010 back pain moving to hip. Got worse . Prolapse came back 2012 confirmed by proctogram. I have spine injections least twice a yr. Pain numbness Arms face legs etc. Sleep lol sometimes. I have neck damage and had been told arm numbness was due to that but when you speak to these fab ladies you realise it's not neck.

I am just looking into removing mesh or undoing the pins in L4/5 area . I asking for 3D scan to see. I want nerve investigation . Then hunt for good mesh removal surgeon.

Thebowel moves all the time it's no good with mesh. Pulls . Shrinks. Full of chemicals. Very depressing.

I see acupuncturist. Cocktail of medication .

Look up Dr raz in USA you tube. You won't touch mesh..

My surgeon wanted use pig skin 2nd mesh. I said no .

Good luck but no mesh you will regret it x so sorry know your head is swimming x

Go on Facebook

Sling mesh and will bring up sites.

Lots of love

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A big thanks for your experiences truly. I'm not convinced that my problems are truly prolapse related as I believe they may be spinal driven too.


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