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Hi, I'm new here too. I have suffered knee pain for nearly 5 years and it's getting to the point where it's really getting me down now. It started in my right knee after I fell down a flight of stairs and landed on my knee. The pain would come and go but got worse until it was almost constant. I had it xrayed about 3 years ago and was diagnosed with early onset osteoarthritis. Since then I fell on my left knee. It didn't really hurt that much and I thought nothing more of it. Around a year ago my left knee started to 'twang' for want of a better word. Went to the docs who put me on Naproxen for 2 weeks and it eventually eased. However in the last 6months I've had on and off pain until now it is again always constant.

I went back to my GP about my left knee who said there was a lot of fluid on it and it was probably arthritis and gave me 4 weeks supply of Naproxen. That ran out and I could barely walk with both knees causing problems so I went back and saw a different GP. He checked it and said I'd pulled a ligament. Gave me an exercise sheet to do and said it would heal in another 8 weeks.

8 weeks on, still no better, so went back to GP and saw another lady doctor. I had to ask for my knees to be x-rayed again, because I hate not knowing what it is. In this time I've also started having problems with swollen itchy knuckles which I thought could have been arthitis. I asked her this and she said it was my Psoriasis that has taken up a new residence. I suffer with Psoriasis on my legs and trunk but only mildly.

Lastly, I'm now having trouble sleeping because my knees ache constantly. I cannot get a comfortable sleeping position at all.

I'm now wondering what the next course of action will be when the x-rays come back. I feel constantly fobbed off by my GP. I am turning 50 this year and I have never felt to unhealthy. If there are any tips to help cope with this conditon then I'm all ears.

Thank you

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  • Awww really sorry to hear this me to I suffer wiv knee and ankles I was diagnosed as a child wiv osteo arthritis in knees but my apparent new X-ray shows no arthritis first it neva goes away so I also feel thobbed off by hospital and GPS co codamol take the slightly discomfort away I have osteo arthritis in both hips to which an X-ray confirmed to help me sleep I got a pillow frm Argos the bolster frm the good night sleep Company it jus eases the pain at night its like a pillow tht pregnant women use and converts to a wrap around pillow and a leg raiser pillow well worth the money but dnt let them the GPS thob u off they make u feel down and not worth anything I think u shud ask for another opinion as I keep looking for answers also my legs swell frm thighs to feet and I'm 31 but as my gp say nothing more we can do XXX dnt giv up fighting

  • Hi Tiggerroo I'm new here too I came on around 2 weeks ago when I got my MRI results stating OA both hips plus trochanteric bursitis one hip. I spoke to the consultant about the awful deep ache both knees and behind them down right leg to ankle. also starting lower back ache. He said go back docs tell him for possible referral. He didn't offer any treatment/meds I asked for steroid injection which I'm on waiting list now for under X-ray at hospital (no indication on timeframe for waiting list) anyway, went to docs yesterday after work saw a doc I'd never met before. Told him about knee pain that's keeping me awake and no give in it. He seemed baffled said its not arthritis as he jiggled my knees about but can offer blood test. Said he can offer pain relief but it'd be similar to meds for depression/epilepsy. Are they having a laugh. I don't care what it is I just want them to seem interested in finding out. I'm fed up with the pain. I think the NHS has gone down the pan I know they're so busy but I can see why so many stories of misdiagnosis are out there. I hope you get some positive results from what you're experiencing at the moment, doesn't it make you feel like they look at you like you're over reacting or making it up

  • Hi,had osteoarthritis in both knees for past 10 years,during which time my mobility has decreased dramatically and my weight increased significantly.Now need joint replacements but my doctor refuses because of my weight,which,he says,is the cause of my knee problem,ie carrying extra weight.I also have finger joint problems,but they do not carry weight.I took naproxen for many years and managed the pain together with paracetamol.I was then taken off naproxen due to a scare,and put on meloxicam.since then my pain has worsened so much ,I now also use opioid patches for the pain.I have had a gastric band fitted,which was a complete waste of time.I now have to manage day to daywith constant pain(even when sitting/laying)ask your gpgo if you could have a low dose opioid patch,I cannot manage without mine,good luck,Jessie

  • I also have knee pain in both of my knees. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis arthritis back in june . It started in my hands 2 years ago then by then a year later it started in my feet. Since March of this year have had pain in my shoulders , hips, knees and my hips as well. I was 37 when I started getting signs of arthritis in both of my hands next month I'll be 40. Hope you get relief soon . Good luck

  • thanks for you replies. To update, the X-rays came back to show I have moderate arthritis in my left knee and severe arthritis in my right knee. I'm due to go back to my surgery on Thursday for an injection direct into my right knee to see if this helps to bring some relief. It has been pointed out again that I need to lose weight and that in due course I will need knee replacements. It is not good.

  • Weight control is vital for arthritic joint pain but take it from me after a losing a significant amount of weight my joints still hurt - and I mean hurt. My joints are literally bone on bone with added osteophytes and without surgery that's not going to change! I require bilateral knee replacements but for other health reasons have been declined (controversial). My GP fobbed me off for years before finally I was unable to walk and begged for a referral. The NHS pathways are tough enough to start with, without the doctors playing God and choosing who on their list of patients require COSTLY referrals and treatment. I'm all for saving public money but not at the expense of someone's quality of life. I wish I could turn the clock back and be more demanding!

  • Would you like some practical suggestions? Aged 60, I am suffering general wear and tear particularly in my knee joints. I use elastic support bandages around my knees when walking over rough ground, and use walking poles too. I realise my knee weakness is directly related to my being 4 stone overweight, and to lose weight, I need to keep active! Swimming would be best but I do not have a nearby pool. I try to walk as much as possible (my two dogs expect it of me). My job involves a lot of standing which doesn't help; I just have to take my time getting up and down stairs. However, having exercised, I have decided that I must not feel guilty about taking the opportunity to rest when possible - knitting or reading and watching TV. I find heat helpful - warm hot-water bottle at night, and putting a pillow under my knees helps. I do occasionally take paracetamol at night when the legs are throbbing (pain aggravated by varicose veins after standing in the kitchen for several hours). Have tried Glucosamine and Cod Liver Oil - didn't feel they made much difference as I try to eat a healthy balanced diet anyway. Hope some of these tips prove useful!

  • Hi DartmoorDumpling, thank you for replying. I have finally come to terms with what is going on with me, and am learning to live within my boundaries. For example I now ride my bike daily and I have learnt that if I ride for 30mins it suits me well, but if I ride for an hour, I pay for it the next day. I know that I need to rest, but that I mustn't remain inactive for too long. I have found that use of an interferential machine gives the most relief and therefore I plan to have a session every month. I am currently on codeine but just take them for night time relief. I use ibuprofen during the day if I am struggling.

    My priority is to lose weight and I am starting to do that with the help of my bike. I have just bought a lavender wheat bag and that is also helping.

    You sound in a similar situation to me, and to be dealing with it in a similar way. Thank you for the tips, all advice is very useful. And I wish you all the best with your knee problems and that you find relief often. x

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