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UK South - Specialist OA Centres

I'm posting this on more than one forum, as osteoarthritis is such a common condition.

Just wondered if anyone can recommend a specialist centre for osteoarthritis in the south of the UK? I have genetic nodal osteoarthritis of the hands and the centres that seem to specialise or be interested in this form of OA all seem to be in the north.

I'm in Devon but would happily travel to Bristol/Bath, Cardiff, Oxford, London if there's a hospital someone could vouch for.

On another subject, I'm also wondering why I've been recommended a medicine called Cartrophen (sodium pentosan polysulfate) to help prevent arthritis from starting IN MY DOG. But apart from a trial (successful) in humans with knee OA, I can't see that there have been any further trials or that it is used to help prevent OA in humans, apart from treating human cystitis! Anyone have any other knowledge about this drug, sodium pentosan polysulfate? It sounded really interesting.

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I have been referred to Royal Devon and Exeter orthopedic as being world class hospital, and l live 750 miles from unit, have had A.S. for fifty years and Bath always appears in their recommendations


Thanks Bluebird,

Several people have mentioned Bath too.


Have a look at the link I have pasted, It may be of use to you!



Thanks Ryanbone10! Interesting. Wondered why I hadn't heard about it (PPS) and wondered why there haven't been more trials.

But I guess, especially when you fully read reference 33 (enlightening), the interactions and side effects, as yet can't be sufficiently overcome - for human treatment of OA that is! Trouble is that by the time many humans get OA, they are old enough to maybe have other physical issues, even if of a minor nature, of which either the other issue or the treatment of, might conflict. Straight away I can see that I probably couldn't take it, even if offered it.

Also explains why my dog had to finish his Metacam course before Cartrophen - which I may well now decline. Have to have a think on that. It's being offered as a preventative measure (great) but he hates vets and ones waving a needle especially (not so great).

Thank you!


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