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Wringing dish cloths, flannels etc when you have OA of hands/wrists


I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to wring cloths out without pain and further OA damage? I find that wringing is about the worst thing for me to do and although I have searched the internet and on disability sites for small hand mangles and the like, I haven't had any success. Even the Arthritis Research everyday living section does not mention this problem although it mentions washing with sponges, long handled flannel straps etc but does not supply any advice on how to wring them out.

Any advice would be very helpful as I am getting to the end of my tether with this problem.

Thanking all you kind people in advance x

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Have you thought about a pasta machine?

£25 at Lakeland:-

There are quite a few old mangles/wringers on eBay, BUT condition is pretty awful for most!


It depends on the cloths and what you're doing.

E.g., I've given up flannels and tend to use disposable hypoallergenic baby wipes as they're durable enough for a good clean around during a bath or shower. Similarly for bidets, the disposable wet toilet tissue is good for use with those and otherwise.

Wring a dishcloth by winding it round the tap and then crossing the 2 ends over each other and twisting. I've sometimes done this by using 2 dowels but, depending on my joints, altho' it's easier, it's not always comfortable.

If I have a lot of damp tea towels from spinning and drying vegetables/salads/herbs, then I put them on the spin programme in the washing machine.

Depending on how many cloths you have to do, they can be laid onto a larger towel, rolled up like a Swiss Roll, and then rolled back and forth.

It's expensive but sturdy kitchen towel or janitor's roll is good for a number of uses in the kitchen and around the house.

I leave dishes to drip dry - baking/roasting tins or anything that needs a quick dry is popped into the oven on a low temperature.

Buying a steam-mop is one of the best things that I ever did for clearing up small floor spills and spot-cleaning in the kitchen.


Thank you

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Good advice, I use disposable wipes and kitchen roll too as I wouldn't like to try wringing anything out with my hand and wrist pain

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You could fold the wet cloth and then push it against the bath or sink etc with the flat of your hand to remove the excess water


Hi, I've suffered arthritis widespread for over 30yrs now. Best advice I would give is to use kitchen rolls, antibacterial wipes etc. Not only does it ease the workload for you, its more hygienic. Cost effective, as you don't need to wash and dry them. No putting on the line, and no ironing. So a bit more expensive, however a lot less work looking after the cloths, tea towels etc. Hope you find this helpful.

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