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Pain in the neck

Hi,anyone have same symptoms? Been diagnosed with some form of arthritis,started nov 2015,had blood tests ultra sound on top of right shoulder as this was were the pain first hit.Later pain developed in both upper arms,absolute agony,Had mri recently,and waiting for physio as a second opinion.Im now on a low dose of steroids which has helped somewhat,its taken away the dull ache which lasts all day (for now).The pain was more intense in bed when resting till i started the steroids.One doctor i saw thought it could be polymyalgia,still not quite sure what type of arthritis it is yet.So if anyone can help or has same pain etc,would like to hear from you.


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Hi there, I too was diagnosed with Polymyalgia, after being told previously that it was Inflammatory Arthritis, and Osteo Arthritis, since then, some 20 years later, they have admitted that I have Fibromyalgia, Osteo and possibly some inflammatory Arthritis. The pain that you are experiencing sounds very much like mine. The steroids do help but beware of increasing them to nullify pain, I was increased from 10mg to 20mg which increased my mobility dramatically, but the downside is, after 6 months I started to suffer muscle weakness, bruising and a lack of ability to heal scratches or cuts. I find that heat is one of the best ways of easing the pain, and if you are able to take a power nap during the day, if only for half an hour, makes the world of a difference. Sorry I can't offer you any other advice, take care. Joyce


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