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Knot on the side of my right foot

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I notice about a week or two ago that a knot on the left side of my big toe on my right foot has appeared. Could this be from my arthritis that I have in my feet ? Also with early stages of arthritis does something like this appear so soon? Still not sure what form of arthritis it is that I have as,of yet. But the way it's acting I'm guessing it's rheumatoid arthritis. Since my last post I've started feeling it in my knees , and shoulders. I'm still feeling the symptoms from it but not real bad right now. But the knot on the side of my right foot really concerns me . Is a bunion trying to form or could it be something else that going on with my foot?

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If it has been there a while and you are concerned I would recommend visiting your GP. It would be difficult to tell whether this is arthritis or a bunion but your GP will be able to diagnose this or recommend further tests or specialists.

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over a year ago i noticed a lump comming in exactly same place as you are saying yours is, so as i know with the arthritis i can get noduals appear i was concerned and mentioned it to my rhumatolagist he only told me as its not causing pain then its fine he never said yes its a nodual or something else. so i carried on my life till it started to get bigger i mentioned this prob over the next few visits but they did not seem concerned i felt uncomfortable with walking with shoes on in the end i had to go back to rhumatolagist and tell them i need something done bout this lump they said ok they will make appointment for surgery for it to be removed as they said after they examined it that it was not a nodual it was too soft for this yesterday i went for the surgery but i got to my appointment for the surgery and the woman was most confused as no surgery had been booked it was the rhumatolagist podietist (foot specialist) all she did was examin lump and told me straight away it was a nodual and nothing could be done i just dont have much faith in my rhumatolagist if he cant even know something like this

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Hey melon69top I just read your reply to my post. Thanks for letting me know that it's due to my arthritis. Since I post the original post of my concern about the knot on my right foot, I've been to see a Rheumatologist about my arthritis. They ruled out RA and are more leaning towards of it being osteoarthritis from what I was told. I go back next month for my second appointment. I started getting signs of arthritis in mid year of 2013 so it's been 2 year already that I've been dealing with arthritis. I wasn't quite 37 when I fist started have signs of it in my hands. But now it's in my hands , feet, elbows, knees and shoulders. Thanks again

I too have these nodules. My feet need a warm up before I get out of bed. I roll them on a can on the floor and do some stretching with a gym band. It really helps. I also drink two litres of water a day. Really glad I found this site. Good luck everyone it's hard getting older but when you know others have similar symptoms it helps to share.

Thank goodness the one one on my foot is the only one right now. I went to a rheumatologist earlier this month they told me that I possibly have osteoarthritis . After looking at my symptoms and the redness on my hands. He's told me he ruling out RA for now.

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Hi there, I sympathise with your problem, Mine started with my hands when I was 23, got worse after the birth of my first daughter at 28, seem to take over my whole body, but not all at the same time. After seeing four different Rheumatologists over a period of 40 years I finally got a diagnosis of Fybromyalgia and osteo-arthritis last year. I too have noduals' popping up in awkward places, but the consultants don't seem to give much credence to them. The only thing I can recommend to assist you is warmth to the areas affected (I use wheat bags that you can heat in the microwave) or wax baths for your hands or feet. Another help, if its available in your area is a hydro therapy pool heated to 33 degrees at least. Goggle it to find out if there is one within your reach, I attend one 20 miles away weekly and the exercise programme in the warm water keeps me going. well worth the effort of getting there. Wishing you well.

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