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The best night foot brace for planters fasciitis


Ok I’ve got a Q this morning “question “. Who know of the best night splint brace for planters fasciitis? Since I’ve been dealing with this planters fasciitis in my right foot it’s been getting very painful and keeps forcing me to stay on my crutches when I need to get around on foot. The mornings and evenings are the worst for me. By the time I left work last night my foot was hurting like you wouldn’t believe. The middle of the arch of my foot hurts the worst and that’s pretty much what is forcing me to stay on my crutches. Without the crutches I can’t get around what so ever. I can’t take off from work do to what we have going on right now is mandatory. When at work I’m forced to be on both feet and by the end of my shift I’m in excruciating pain. I’m not able to be on my crutches during those eight hours. It makes it very difficult to get through my day. The only shoes that I’m finding comfortable are my moccasin slippers and that’s it . Any suggestions in what I should look for on amazon would be greatly appreciated so I don’t have to keep staying on crutches. Thanks to everyone.

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Having had spurs in both my heels , the left first 10 + years ago and the right in 2016, in my opinion , the only relief comes from cortisone injections . I tried every insole known to man , had orthopaedic insoles custom made and they didn't give any relief at all . Have you had X-rays done ? Mine showed the spur was about 3/4 inch long and it took to shots into each heel to give relief that I still have today . Just go see your doc & get it sorted, they don't go away . X

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Phillylou no I haven’t had and X-ray on my foot to see what causing the pain. When I brought it up to my gp last month he didn’t mention an X-ray. The pain has gotten worse since I saw him last month. It’s going through my whole entire foot now. Walking on it makes it worse that’s why I’m using crutches to stay off of it as much as possible. So far that’s the only thing I’m finding to ease the pain other than to keep it elevated when I’m sitting on my couch.

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I've just posted more info for you x

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Phillylou I read what was in your first post but that’s all I’m seeing . Nothing else.

Hi I notice you are still having trouble with the feet and tolerating work which wont help the problem for sure, but appreciate the situation you are in. I would type in supports for planters facitis and see what sites come up. If you go on Amazon you need to go to the health section. Or there is a site for this problem that tells you all about possible treatmentsjust type in the name on your search bar. It could be something else though what about trying insoles as well to support your painful foot arch,or maybe a visit to a foot specialist which should only cost around thirty pounds or so. Guess this does not answer your question straightforwardly but gives you options or choices to consider, most available on line.

Katie I went on and ordered a splint yesterday and foot massager as well. I had to use the crutches first thing this morning when I got up . I gotta tell ya though Katie having to be on theses crutches is getting old. I’ve been up for almost 3 hrs. and it’s still very painful. Painful enough to stay on the crutches, if that tells you anything. Most likely if I go to an orthopedic he’ll probably put me in a leg cast and tell me to keep using my crutches. I’ve read may time that inserts don’t help the problem. So when I get the splint in I’m going to give that a week to see if it helps. In the mean time I guess I’ll have to stay with using crutches tomorrow l I get my splint in the mail. I’ll keep you posted.

Hi again, I use insoles but they are not the answer to foot problems as many will tell you. However they can strenghthen the instep making the muscles less prone to pain. Glad you got what you needed don't expect miracles, but maybe a few days down the line it might lessen the pain, fingers crossed for you, look forward to your update.

Katie I took a frozen water bottle tonight and put it under my foot that I’m having problems with. Of course with me having to use the crutches still I had to hold it between my teeth while I went back to the couch on the crutches. I didn’t leave it on there long but long enough the bottom of my foot got cold . I actually rolled it with my foot back and forth for awhile. I’ve gotta work tomorrow night and I’m wondering what it’ll do being on it for eight hrs. I’ll be sure that I have the crutches with me after er what I went through every night I’ve needed them right away and not had them with me. That’s how painful it get after being on it for an eight hr. shift. I’ll do it again before going to bed in a little bit then I’ll put it back in the freezer. It hasn’t been an easy weekend this weekend having to be on the crutches since Friday night and still on them as we speak. My night splint is in so I’ll go get it in the morning before leaving for work tomorrow. I’ll let you know how the splint does after tomorrow night. I’m hoping I can sleep with it on during the night. Will be in touch. Jason

Hi Jason , sounds like you are very versitile, carrying the ice pack in your teeth. Its amazing what we can come up with when needs be, takes me back to when I had a broken shoulder no one asked how the milk got from the doorstep to the fridge, that's my secret. I'm guessing you live alone,so what is your work if you are standing on crutches all day. ? Your Gp should be able to speed up an Xray if that is what is needed for quicker access to treatment as you are working. However often if you continue to work doctors do not refer, all my hospital treatment ect was after I agreed to not go back to work. Keep in touch would like to know how its going for you, but don't overdo things as your foot will never get better.Take care.

Katie last week I was on the night shift like I am this week. I wore sneakers all week last week while I was there, and by the time I got off the pain in my foot was unbearable plus I didn’t have my crutches with me either day. So this week with me on the night shift as well I’m make a couple of minor changes. One I’ll be waring my moccasins instead of my sneakers. I think I can get away with that with me being on the night shift and two my crutches will be going with me every day this week as long as I’m going through this . I’m on my feet for eight hours. The only time I’m not on my feet is when we’re on our breaks. I work in a eyeware lab but the atmosphere I’m in I can pretty much get away waring my moccasins.

Sounds like an interesting place to work. Seems you work shifts too. tend to need comfortable shoes, I wear trainers most of the time as I can't wear the usual lady style shoes, but not all employers will allow this, or let you wear jeans which are more hard wearing. My late husband got sent home from work to change once as he was improperly dressed for the companies rules. Have a good night not too much pain hopefully.

Katie where I am I can ware blue jeans . Most of us do . In the winter months I’ll ware my sweat shirts and pants. About the only thing I can’t have on is open toe shoes like flip flops or sandals. I’m back home now and Ias I was telling you earlier that I had thought I might have to get back on the crutches after my shift. I was right I did need them at er getting off. Had to stop by the post office to n the way home an I ended up needing to go in there on the crutches. I’m home now with a frozen water bottle under my foot right now. I’m rolling it from my toes to the back of my heel. I started using the frozen water bottle last night to see it would help or not. So between that and using the crutches the combination of the two seem to ease the pain thank goodness. I’ve been keeping my crutches by my bed during the night. I take advantage of using them as much as I can when I’m home but hopefully I won’t have to be on crutches much longer. I know that’s wishful thinking and I don’t want to jinx myself. Just being hopeful that I won’t have to be much longer.

Keep up the optimism I am sure you will make it after all you are working with it so you are determine not to let it defeat you. Best wishes.

Katie , started with my splint last night . I have to go tell ya this splint really pulls the bottom of my arch where it hurts . There’s a wedge that goes under the padding where my toes are. You probably saw my newest that has the picture with my bare foot in it . I have it on now . But instructions say not to walk on the splint. So once I put this back on for the night and I’m not ready to go to bed yet or I get up during the night I’ll have to use my crutches to get around. I guess I can be on crutches for another week or two if that’s what it takes. It’s not so bad having to be on crutches it’s just a pain and I loose the use of my hands when I have them occupied with my crutches. But anyway I’ll let you know by the weekend how I am after having been in this splint a few more nights. For now I’m going to rest my foot on my two pillows I have it on then I’ll hobble to bed on my crutches and hopefully get some sleep I hope. Talk with you soon. Jason

Hi Jason, sounds like torture to me, but often treatments are difficult, saying is no pain no gain. I recall some of the exercises for regaining my shoulder movement they did help. But I never fully got things back, but they thought I'd never regain any use. So I am a good ad for splints and physio. Anyway back to yourself, hope you had a good night with the splint on. Maybe in a few weeks time you will be able to manage without crutches fingers crossed for you.

I’m hoping for the same Katie. I’m guessing after being in the splint for a week or two I’ll be able to do away with it and the crutches as well. I’m hoping.

Hi Jason,that's the idea, remain optimistic, where theres a will theres a way my mum always used to say. Have a good day. I'm waiting for a prescription that I ordered Monday but it was not issued or dispensed upto yesterday. This is for ever happening to me no wonder people start to feel paranoid as if they are being singled out. I have contacted PALS for advice , as other older people are experiencing the same problems. We appreciate the chemists are busy & doctors but this just makes more work sorting out the error. Take care

Katie I went grocery shopping earlier and that was a wrong thing to do. I paid for it afterwards when I got back home . That only made matters worse. So now I’m keeping it on my pillows propped up for now. Probably will the rest of the day with my crutches close by. Maybe put the splint on for awhile too.

Hi Jason, afraid that's what does happen. You have to test though or you will never rebuild the muscles around the bad foot . Don't go rushing things. I find alternating active days with rest days keeps the pain to a minimum, but that is not always possible and for you working means less resting.The main objective has to be what works best for your illness and to keep within your own capacity, but sometimes we all overdo it and pay the price. Keep up the good progress but take care you don't fall,it's easy done when you are already impaired on walking. Have a good restful day

Katie I wore the brace last night and took it off when I got up. I’m finding that it really keeps a burning sensation in my effected foot when I have it on. I had to use the crutches first thing when I got up too. My whole foot hurts this morning. It feels worse this morning than it did all day yesterday. Why that is I don’t know. I have my crutches near by still and it look like I’m going to have to use them til the pain subsides. That’s if it does today. I’m guessing the only good day I’m going to have was yesterday. It didn’t feel as near as bad as it does now. I’ll let you know later on how if feels and if I had to continue the usage of my crutches or not. Talk with ya later.

Sounds like something is wrong maybe the splint is not the right thing for you??? You should really talk to GP what about a telephone appointment. Have you got a certain diagnosis of Planters ? I only used heal pads for mine with Physio ect and it was better in a few months or the pain went within about two months Can't remember why you are using crutches but if your heal pain is not improving you need to see a specialist. Burning does not sound like Planters but we all experience pain differently,go to A&E and tell them you are struggling to work with it, read about Planters theres a good page on line might find some hints there. Personally I think you may have more than one issue in your foot which is making the pain more severe. One of the things with planters and gout is the need to rest the foot when in flare up pain. What can I say you need proffessional help and time off work till the pain is under control. Best Wishes Jason from Katie.

Hey Katie I know it’s been a little over a week since I sent you a message. My gp told me what I was feeling in the arch of my foot was planters fasciitis. I haven’t been to a foot doctor for it. But I can tell you this the pain still isn’t completely gone. But on the plus side I haven’t had to use crutches to stay off my right foot in I’d say at least 5 days . But I still have them near by in case it acts up again. I got and aircast day splint I could ware with my shoe during the day while at work . I forgot to put it on this morning and I could tell the difference without today. If at all possible I don’t want to have to end up in the doctors office for this. Truthfully I’d probably come out of there with a walking cam boot. I’ve been in one of those before and hated it. I’m avoiding a doctors visit as much as I can . Hopefully I won’t have to be getting around on crutches again anytime soon. I’m hoping.

Hi Jason another DIY success, now we have to do it with our health as well as home. :) Well done to persevere and good you think you have got rid of crutch need. Fingers crossed things keep well, wish my foot problem was so easy to make better, but at least I don't have to work, just manage the pain every day. Guess I better start looking for a scooter for the future. Understand your feeling about the doctors, I'm doing the same right now because even if you go theres no money for patient care to any degree only for projects the Government want to promote, like exercise and diet, which is appropriate in many cases but miss placed in some But I've learn't a very good lesson, doctors are just there to make you look well even if your not, if your well you don't need costly treatment. Doesn't make you feel better of course. Have a good day I have a busy week ahead.

I wouldn’t call it a complete success as of yet Katie. Do to the fact the area of my foot that originally had me on crutches for I’d say at least three weeks , still is very tender and sore. That’s why I’m keeping my crutches near by in case of bad foot pain occurs. Once I can get rid of the day splint and have no pain or any need for the crutches then I’d call it a success. I’ll probably put my foot on the ice bottle tonight because the way it feels today. Chat with ya later Katie.

Hi Jason,know what you mean, plus these things have a habit of returning when least expected. I'm off to physio later today. Referral was made in December. The pain is a little better than when referred as long as I don't over do things. Looking for possible exercises to strengthen the muscles and damaged joint,no cure of course. Feel reveiws should be done on long term arthritic joints. But it does not happen, then when a crisis occurs it takes months just to get an appointment.My freind is in bad pain has to see locum or wait three weeks.Have a good day with as little pain as possible.

Katie today it’s been very painful all day long. Very different from yesterday. Yesterday was nothing like the way it feels right now. So at this point I’m wondering what I should do. Right now it hurts to even put my weight on it. So should I just start using my crutches until it eases up ? I really don’t want to have to do that though. Do to the fact I can’t do anything if I’m on crutches. Not only I loose a foot but both hands as well. Or should I make a trip to the emergency room? What do you think is be best to do?

Hi Jason, as this problem as been going on up and down for many weeks,i.e this post is over three weeks old, I would go to A&E and say your struggling to deal with the pain. You may have a long wait but they may be able to suggest an alternative to crutches or some pain releif. Sorry for delay in reply had a meeting yesterday of three hours, then hospital for an Xray. There was an hour wait at walkin department, but good for a Friday afternoon. So I was out from 9am to 5pm like someone at work. This is my first day at home this week. Let me know how you get on. Good Luck

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