My right thumb

For the past few weeks I've noticed my thumb on my right hand has gotten very sore and tender. It to sore to touch or bend. My left has not gotten as bad as my right along those it's sore too. When I go to touch the joints that I immediately have to stop. Why it's gotten this sore I don't know. I do everything right handed too. I haven't hit it on any or jammed it. So this has to be arthritis related. I was putting a pizza in the oven the other night and I lost grip with the stone and dropped the stone on the oven door. I never do anything like that, that was the first sign that something told me that something wasn't right at all with that hand. Tonight that thumbs is still very painful. Not really sure what to do about it. I'd hate to go to the emergency room or even a Dr's office and then hear nothing can be done. If this is part of my osteoarthritis talking to me then I don't like it one bit. It's just odd for my right thumb hurts worse than my left one. What should I do about this? Suggestions welcome. Thanks Jason. D. Quinn

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  • Similar happened to me a few years ago......went to GP and was referred to hospital. I was given X Ray's etc.... Result = arthritis ( I have it in other joints already) . I was given a cortisone injection which helped a lot , however a year later the pain returned so I went back to the hospital. .....I was offered a thumb joint replacement and had it done nearly two years ago. Amazing results.

  • Glad to hear that you had such a good outcome with the thumb joint replacement as I think that is what I will now need on my thumbs, I have had 2 lots of injections but the last ones did not work.

  • Mmm....that's th problem. The first injection for me was good but further ones were no help. The thumb join replacement was great- a couple of weeks in a cast but then after physio I was able to do everything ....including play the piano again.. Go for it!

  • Thanks for putting my mind at rest. I also have OA in my fingers, wrists and elbows but my Dr isn't confident that replacement on these are as successful as on hips and knees although he is willing to send me to see a Specialist . We have decided that I try patches then I will see him again in a month. It is wonderful to have someone to share these problems with as although OA is common it is so hard to decide what step to take next 💕

  • Jillypops,my arthritis started on me 4 years ago in my hands. I was just shy of turning 38. Now going on 42 this year. I a 4 year period of time it has gotten in my hands , shoulders , knees , elbows as well as my spine, both upper spine and lower.

  • I already have two new knees ...I've also had ops on both shoulders, both wrists and elbows! I know the feeling! LOL

    I take Boswellia Serrata - a natural anti inflammatory - which really helps ....I have written about it on other posts here ....but if you need more info just ask

  • Jillypops, I've yet to find any type of pain killer to help mine. None of the otc drugs have helped plus between my rhumy and GP they had me try 5 different types of prescription meds and none have helped. My current GP mentioned physical therapy when I went to him last week.

  • Same here.......none of the drugs did any good. I do find however that the Bosweelia helps to relieve it .....makes it manageable.

  • I've never even heard of the stuff you're talking about. Is it something that's prescribed by a physician?

  • I have medical some research and decided to give it a try.....I've had no bad effects only good! Here is some info.....Quote: "Boswellia Serrata, via its active boswellic acids, appears to be a novel inhibitory of a pro-inflammatory enzyme called 5-Lipoxygenase and may possess other anti-inflammatory effects (such as nF-kB inhibition, which are not as novel). These anti-inflammatory effects have been investigated for their benefits in osteoarthritis (OA), and it appears that oral Boswellia supplements can suppress pain and immobility associated with OA quite significantly with the effects taking as little as a week to occur. The studies are well conducted, but funded by the producers of the tested supplements. There are limited non-funded interventions with Boswellic for this claim, but they seem to agree with the battery of funded study in effect size."

  • I purchase then from Amazon .....

  • Arthritis Research have information on this:

  • Hi Jason, it would be worth getting checked with your doctor on Monday. In the mean time try pain killers, probably won't help much, but could lessen the pain and you're showing the doc you've tried everything... along with hot and cold compresses (the trusty frozen peas wrapped in a cloth is good) to the thumb... see which seems to soothe it the most. Hope you get relief

  • Dawn, I have puddyive been using for my hands for the last week or so I can also microwave it if I need to. I use my hands alot for my work so I don't need this happing. This isn't the only thing I have going on. My siaticia nerve has been bothering me for over a year but has just recently gotten worse this year. That I'm feeling through my buttocks cheek down the side of my leg and into my foot. I was just at my go's office last week. He knows about the pain from the siaticia nerve bit not the pain in my hand. Jason

  • Dawn7 , since getting your response on my post over a week ago the pain has been awful in my thumb. I'm also right handed. This arthritis pain is very painful and can get unbearable. Mine has come close to bringing me down to my knees on more than one occasion.

  • Best to see your GP, I think he will send you for an X-ray. OS in the hands is agony as you want to do things but you do not know how severe the pain will be when you just touch something. Hope you can get some relief.

  • I had this today, I found this particular exercise helped after doing it several times the stiffness eased. (No. 8, thumb flex)

    I used comfrey ointment on thumb right down to wrist when I have pain also and drink turmeric milk.

  • Bkin, I've been using therapy puddyive for both of my hands for a little over a week or two. I can microwave it for a couple of minutes before I start squeeze it in my hands. It helps some for the pain and little. Enough to tolerate it anyway.

  • Hi JDQuinn75 I don't know therapy puddyive is it the same as therapy putty? or Exercise Putty?

    I was looking at the putty and wondering what weight to go for and indeed the 57 g or 113 g.

    I wonder if you can advise on this?

    My doctor recommended the soft balls but I am not sure if they are too large to squeeze when there is pain.

  • My first response would have said to you, this sounds like repetitive strain... when we are in pain, in other parts of our body, we stress in the other parts, subconsciously. Like knee pain can cause back and hip pain, from over compensating. But...having read your post, I would see doctor for blood tests, to rule out other problems. Because some conditions, reflect in other parts of the body that we would not assume to be associated with x

    Good luck

  • Missjones1963, I'm pretty sure what I'm feeling is arthritis pain. My arthritis originally started in my hands before it got into my shoulders, knees , feet and spine. All of witch in a three year period of time. My spine is both lower and upper that I feel it , but more sore in the lower part. The discomfort in the middle of my spine is very noticeable though. When I do feel it there it's very uncomfortable. I have started using therapy putty for my hands. I can microwave that and it helps some by squeezing itinerary my hands. It's been very cold here where I am so the temp we've been having hasn't helped it's just made it worse. Especially for my spine , shoulders and knees. Well gotta go for now. Have a good day. J. D. Quinn

  • Sorry you're in such a bad way... it makes me so angry, that in we are in the 21st century and cannot find something that stabilises conditions like OA, or even a cure..

    I only joined this site, this week, after discovering that I have OA in both knees and in a couple of my fingers. And to hear so many heartbreaking stories of peoples illnesses of this sort, makes me cry. Knowing also, that natural remedies can infact worsen conditions, if taken alongside meds. So someone has to make the hard decision of whether to come off the meds, and try the natural...

    Yes, keep as warm as you can. X

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