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Post partum psychosis newsworthy

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'The project' channel 10 in Australia will be showing a story Thursday night about ppp. It may also be available on their website the following day. My husband and I have been interviewed aswell as the psychiatrist from the Adelaide mother and baby unit 'Helen mayo house' and others. Cheers.

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Hi MelMags,

Brilliant 'talking' to you in Australia! Thanks for the info about the PP story. It must have taken a great deal of courage to take part and be interviewed with your husband.

I will be sure to see if 'The Project' is available on the Channel 10 website tomorrow (Friday). It will be interesting to see the facilities and care available for mothers and their babies.

I hope you are now on the road to recovery and wish you well for the future.

Best wishes.

Thankyou, I am well now however continue to get used to having a lifelong need for medication. I am susceptible to swings in mood and have to keep a close eye on myself (so to speak). I have a great family and couldn't have got through this without them.

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Naomi_at_appAdministrator in reply to MelMags

Hi MelMags

Sorry I haven't been able to get the video link to work from the UK but would love to hear more about the programme, and how it felt to be involved. Really glad you found our web community & it's great that hackneygirl in in Australia too.

I can really identify with what you say about 'needing to keep a close eye' on yourself. In the first few years of my recovery I found it very hard not to worry about periods of sleeplessness, or high energy/creativity... and the lower moods or angry times were also quite worrying. I think it definitely takes time for moods to level out, but also for the worry of 'what if this means I'm getting ill again?' to diminish.

How are you feeling about long-term medication? It's great to hear your family have been so supportive. We're here any time you want to chat.

Naomi x

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Hi MelMags, Thanks for replying and the link. I will try again to view as at the moment this isn't possible. I think I might need a few updates on my comp!

I'm pleased to hear you are well now but also hear a sadness about the need for medication and your mood swings. As women, we sometimes don't give ourselves enough time. Although we feel well and if anyone asks we are "fine" it does take time to fully recover, I had PP twice in the early 70's and 80's and was, to say the least, very poorly.

Good to know you have great support from your family. I'm sure you will also find support from all of us here who have been on a similar journey, although all very different. The 'Delusions of Grandeur' blog and 'Music, PP and Recovery' may be of interest to you, as well as all the other links on this site.

Take it easy, take your time.

Hi MelMags,

I'm in Australia too! I watched The Project that night but they didn't mention PPP. I was wondering if I had the right 'The Project' - are their more than one?

I found this link but it doesn't appear to work.


Thanks for all the coments. The link I posted above works in Australia on supported devices (so not on smart phone or tablets) and has worked overseas aswell. It has a number of adds first, as well as a short piece about something else. Jen, the link I posted just worked for me on the laptop. It is the Project, and the story is still archived if you search for 'psychosis'.

Naomi, I found it confronting to be told the PPP had triggered a disorder similar to bibolar where hormonal swings could activate another dose of psychosis or depression. Taking Lithium has been a huge challenge to get my head around. The first 18 months on Lithium it felt like I had been emotionally crippled. I couldn't shed a tear or respond normally to stressors or sensitive situations. I had no desire to do anything. My sewing was untouched for over 12 months, I struggled to do day to day activities becouse the life felt drained out of me. I felt nothing. SLowing, this is improving and I rejoice in finally getting used to this drug that is saving my life, my family, and my career.

The truth about all this is, it takes time. It all does and PPP is a huge insult to your brain and it therefore needs a lot more time than we are often hoping. All the best to everyone,


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Hi Melmags,

Well said ...... I agree that PP is a huge insult to your brain, having had two courses of ECT which brought me back to earth as I was so far from this planet following two episodes.

You have done so well struggling against the odds with what, has been a huge challenge. I also agree with you that it takes more time than we imagine to fully recover and pick up our llives where we left off.

Best wishes.

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