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I have been on Quietipine ,along with melatonin tabs for chronic insomnia for over a year.

The dose of Quietipine was increased by my doctor from 25 mg to 50mg since 25 wasn’t really working.

I suddenly realised that my BP had risen phenomenally along with a mild nagging headache and I can only relate that to Quietipine,the dose of which I plan to start reducing.

I am far from my country ( and the prescribing doctor)

I know I can’t sleep if I do not replace the Quietipine with a substitute.

Any suggestions for a harmless one?

By the way,I think the proscription for melatonin was 3mg.But since it’s available without the presentation,Somewhere along the way,I started buying 10mg tablets and didn’t bother since it appeared to work fne.I wonder what are the ill effects of this increase?

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Hello Samsen,

pleased to meet you on this APP site. Mums on this social site are recovering from Post Partum Psychosis. We support and help each other, listening and sharing compassion.

I am not familiar with your meds, mine were of a different kind.

May I ask whether you suffered from PPP? What is your mental health condition?

I have a chronical condition and one symptom is Insomnia.

I do not use medication, but access CBD oil beside trying to manage my life quality with alternative approaches with the goal of keeping mental health in check. The endocannabinoid system has been legalised in the UK in 2018. You said that you live in a different country, thus do not know whether it would be readily available.

Alternative methods for improving sleep: aroma therapy with essential oils/I use a diffuser,

regular exercising, yoga, meditation, reiki (chakra balancing), cut down social media and iPhone including FB, I pod meditation (spiritual, life coaching, nature sounds etc.) ...

Hope this helps,


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Thank you so much!



I took quetiapine as an antipsychotic when recovering from postpartum psychosis, so not for insomnia (I don’t think this is an approved use of the drug in the UK). I don’t think Melatonin is a drug available without a prescription in the UK either.

In terms of information about these medications, these links may help if you can access the website:

Quetiapine - choiceandmedication.org/ncm...

Melatonin - choiceandmedication.org/ncm...

I’d recommend getting some clinical advice from a doctor or pharmacist when you can, we’re not clinicians or able to give clinical advice, this is a peer support forum for people recovering from or affected by postpartum psychosis.

There were some useful tips around sleep (without medication) shared on this thread here a few months ago: healthunlocked.com/app-netw...

There is a community on Healthunlocked for insomnia that might be worth a look (just type insomnia in the search to find it)?

I hope this helps a bit, and that you can find the advice, help and support you need.

Take good care.

Jenny x

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