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A bit of hope

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I wrote this poem about antenatal depression. I was expecting I’d get postpartum psychosis. I was told my chances were 1:2. This is my second baby. I’m 10 weeks postpartum. I felt really really low the other day rang the other day rang the psychiatrist and begged for antidepressants but then came on my period and feel better. I’m not sure if I will take them as depression is better than mania. Think I might see what my cpn thinks of me on Friday she’s so nice. This was what I wrote to try and lift myself up again it’s not great but writing my feelings down has helped.

When the world is turning yet you are standing still

When darkness surrounds you there’s still light within.

When happiness is all around yet you’re feeling blue

Never forget there are people who believe in you.

Walk on the sand and feel the wind in your hair

Don’t let the feelings drive you to despair.

Look around you because happiness is there

It’s just hiding right now which doesn’t seem fair.

In the eyes of your children you are more than enough

Remember that when the days are tough.

Depression is invisible but the feelings are not

When you climb over the hill the pain I promise does stop.

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Hello Becciandbump

I think your poem is amazing :) So thought provoking about how depression really makes you feel. I used to write poems during my hospital confinement, recorded in my notes with a big exclamation mark that I was writing poetry again! I often wonder what I might have written as my PP was so long ago and poems not kept.

I'm glad you will be seeing your cpn on Friday for advice and that she's nice. I hope writing your poem did lift you up again. I'm sure it will give more than a bit of hope to many who are struggling to climb that hill. Take good care of yourself amazing lady! xx

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Your poem is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing. X

Hello Becci,

creativity is such a therapeutic way of healing and I believe it has to be encouraged and nourished.

I have had a lot of nights of despair, where I just could not sleep and kept on painting, sometimes three canvases in one go....my brain always has been buzzing all my life...

Now my son is eight years old and did not want to believe that I found 3 four leafed glovers when I was 18...I could show him the evidence as I clued them into one of many diaries...I have been putting down my feelings all my life, yet after PPP I had the urge to use colours...

Keep on writing your thoughts and feelings down, cause I believe your poem is beautiful and helps other mums on this site...Darkness will change to light again...


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Becciandbump in reply to

The words brain buzzing resonate with me I too have had that feeling where I wish my mind would be quiet x


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Becciandbump in reply to mikefff

Ah thanks!

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A really very beautiful and thoughtful poem, thank you for sharing it with us all, I wish I could be as eloquent!

It’s probably nothing to do with eloquence but years of practice at feeling a bit down in the dumps. Glad you liked it I’m having a better day today!

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Good to hear today is a better day

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This is BEAUTIFUL Becciandbump, thank you so much for sharing with us all. You’re very talented, and your words so resonated with me.

Congratulations on your new arrival. Sending my best wishes to you xxx

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