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First post - so much love for this forum!


Hi All,

I'm so glad I've found this forum. Unfortunately I didn't know any of this existed when I was really unwell.

Fortunately I was well looked after in a MBU in Bournemouth but have never met anyone with PPP or who has had it. I'm now training to become a mental health peer support worker to be able to give something back and help others.

It's incredible seeing all the love and support on here.

Something that massively helped me was being taught by the occupational therapist Emma how to make a blanket out of my little girls clothes. In hospital I did it all by hand but have since brought a sewing machine and continue to make blankets. I make them for anyone, whether for children that are health or sick and also for adults who have lost love ones and want to feel close to the person they've lost.

Let me know what you think.

Love and best wishes to you all. You're all so strong. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.


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What a clever and lovely idea. Its great to hear you have found such positives from this illness.

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Thank you so much! Means a lot xx


Hi. What a lovely thing to do. The blankets look beautiful. I think that doing something positive whilst you are on your recovery journey can really help. Especially if you are helping others. I work as a peer support worker and I really love it. Being able to share my experiences and turn a negative into a positive is very rewarding. Welcome to the forum!! Xx

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Lovely to meet you and thank you for the kind comments around my blankets. I really appreciate it.

Where do you work as a peer support worker? For people who have PPP?


Natalie xx


oh thats a beautiful idea i made some bunting from my kids clothes x

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That sounds like a lovely idea, well done you! xx


Hi Mudgette,

pleased to meet you on this forum.

Yes, I believe it is extremely therapeutic to be able to give and share.

After PPP I continued to struggle with Insomnia, so I started painting at night. I just sent off a painting to the USA, Canadian border as a tribute to a fellow artist.

Look after yourself and hope there will be plenty of comfort blankets for the once who have been traumatised...


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Pleased to meet you too!

I truly believe putting your time and energy in to something creative can be a fab therapy. I wish you all the success in the world with your paintings. What kind of things do you paint?

Take care,

Natalie xx

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