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Feeling more positive

Feeling more positive

Hi Ladies, I had my GP appointment yesterday - what a difference it has made. He was so understanding and very knowledgeable about PP - such a stark contrast to my experience 18yrs ago. He was very understanding, reassuring and supportive but most of all I felt that my anxieties around relapse have reduced. He helped me to understand that it is the stress of the current situation with my daughter that has triggered these memories and that my feelings and reactions are normal given the circumstances. It was such a relief to hear as I know my anxieties around relapsing and feeling out of control were adding to my distress. He told me that I am very much in control of what happens in terms of choices of treatment and agreed that time off work is what I need at the moment - he mentioned medication as a possible option but said he thinks that continuing counselling would be more beneficial in the first instance. I told him about this forum and the peer support which he agreed is a positive thing for me to be involved in - he said that it is important not to be isolated.

I was so scared to go to the GP after PP as I did not feel heard or understood - now I am grateful that I have that support in place. It just shows the importance of the right care at the right time - I would urge anyone who is struggling to access help as things have really moved on.

Even though my situation itself has not changed the support I have in place is really making a difference.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend - and remember if you are struggling, you are not alone.

I am so grateful for the support I have received from APP and this forum - you are all earth angels - Thank you :-) xxx

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Hi butterfly

It was lovely to read your post, and felt very touched that you've found this forum so helpful, I know your words can really give hope to others who are struggling in different ways.

I’m so pleased to hear that you had a GP appointment that sounds really helpful. It sounds, like you say, that they were knowledgeable about pp and really reassured you.

Yes the fear of relapse is a strong one and can make stress and anxiety increase even more can’t it? A few years ago I had a big work stress and after one really anxious sleepless night I thought I was going to relapse but I managed to relax by going away for the weekend and I was fine. As your GP says, it’s a normal reaction to the stress you’re going through at the moment. It’s natural we worry though!

Thinking of you and hoping that you continue to find the support you need. You know you can write here whenever you want!

Take care

Ellie xx


So great to hear your news Butterfly. It sounds very positive.

I used to have terrible relapse anxiety, around the first year or two following discharge from MBU. I couldn't help thinking that if I could go insane once, what would stop it happening again? Or that perhaps my brain was permanently damaged from the Psychosis!

But meeting people through APP - both academic experts and others who've lived through it - has been massively reassuring. I now know that the risk of relapse is fairly small (and centred around having another baby). And there is so many proactive things I can do to stay well.

Many best wishes and thanks for the update!

Kat x


Hello Butterfly and what a beautiful one as an image,

it is wonderful to read your post.

I still live with fear and anxiety and it is so important that one is not lost or feeling lonely with thoughts and emotions. I am pleased you are managing to develop your support network.

Communicating about your fears with people you can trust is really a step forward. Yes, I do agree, it is so important for my own recovery that I discovered this marvellous forum with all those women, who have really important stories to tell and A VOICE! A great network of support.

Do take good care of yourself and thank you so much for your uplifting post.


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