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Finding your way back to Work?

Hi everyone,

As a parent I put my child first. It is surprising how people assume that if you don't have a paid job, then you're just sitting at home being lazy. I sometimes envy friends who have demanding jobs and they rely on nannies and au pairs. I don't doubt that working more would relieve my, now slight, PPP. There is a job available which I'm applying for and I just hope that I can sparkle through the interview, enjoy the work, grow with it and be there for the family. I'd like to hear from anybody else who has "given up" work and is now finding their way back. K.

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Hello new-baby,

I just have returned from holidays with my now seven year old son and partner. Therefore a belated welcome to the forum.

I have had PPP in 2010. I have had my son in my 40s. Your question is of great validity and reflects the topic of a healthy work-life balance/style.

I can relate to you and prioritize like so many other mums: My family comes first!

Well done for your decision-making in applying for a job.

Work as a definition can be seen as a huge heading for an umbrella of countless activities and events and obviously for you to establish the reasons why you want to go back to the "employment market" is of personal significance.

Sometimes I lack confidence and doubt myself! In addition I struggle with fears and anxiety. Therefore I pursue avenues which are suitable for my health and welfare and life style.

I have had to let go of my previous ambitions. Life was very different before PPP and I used to be a Linguist and Pedagogist...my skills are still there, but I have to learn and apply them differently now in order to make sure I keep well. In addition I am very happy and fulfilled with my family and enjoy loads of things...My art is very important! Would love to know whether you have continued with your creativity?

Take good care and good luck with the job search!


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Hello new-baby

Good to hear from you. I like to think all parents put their children first. I had PP twice years ago (six years apart) and was very unwell so I had a gap of five years before I felt confident to return to work after my children were born.

Before I applied for permanent employment, I built my confidence by registering with temporary agencies and from the variety of assignments was able to find work I enjoyed and hours that suited me. Over the years I have been permanently employed but did at one stage have work related stress so I think it is important to be aware of any pressure as when we get our mental health back we need to take good care of ourselves.

I hope the interview goes well for you ..... all PP mums have a special sparkle :)

Take care.


Hi, I'm interested in your experience of returning to work. Like you I have done a fair amount of temporary work and the thing I find most challenging is the interpersonal side of things. I hate it when all humour and emotion is sidelined and you get coldly expressed requests from colleagues. I suppose its a matter of practice and being in tune with the ultimate goals of the workplace. Be Well Lilybeth, love Kate xx

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Hi new-baby

Thanks for your kind wishes.

I think you have a point about challenges in the workplace although for me this applied to temporary and permanent employment. Even five years post PP I doubted my ability to cope at work and wondered if I could keep my anxiety under wraps. So temporary work suited me at the time as I wasn't committed to a permanent contract and chose hours to suit my family. Also during some temporary placements I was offered the permanent role and this was better in a way as I wasn't confident during interviews.

As I mentioned at one point during permanent employment, after several years and a change in management, I suffered work related stress. After weighing up my options I decided my mental health was far more important and found alternative employment with less stress and reduced hours.

Wishing you all the best in your interview. xx

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Hi and thanks for your post. I too am looking to go back to work after having PP back in January 2016. Unfortunately I wasn't diagnosed or treated properly for three months, spent a further 6 months in an MBU and then struggled with crippling PND and anxiety afterwards and was treated with medication and ECT. I still suffer with anxiety 19 months on and need to take it easy. That said I feel guilty about not having the spark I used to and the get up and go. I feel a full time teaching role will not be possible now and that upsets me a lot. I'm not the person I was before, I lack confidence etc. I think In the new year I will evaluate my skills and capabilities and see what I am able to do. I wish you luck in your journey whatever you do but I wouldn't feel pressure your health is more important x x Take Care


Thank you for your reply and I wish you every success! Be Well and Be Happy, Love Kate xx



I had 2 years off work after my son and really didn't want to go back to working as a travel agent so I decided that I love cleaning so I set up my own cleaning business and now work 2 days a week which is enough for me.

I think it's a good thing to go back to work as your now known as "someone's" mummy - you are just known as you

Good luck in your interview xxx


That's a good thought - work gives back a sense of being a whole person doesn't it? Congratulations on starting your own business! xx


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