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Life on a reel

Life on a reel

Dear all,

wishing you happiness and recovery for those who do not feel too well.

It is important to find a routine and do something you enjoy. My care co-coordinator asked me once; what do you do for yourself? Me-time is of great importance in the recovery process.

I am so happy to be able to do the things again I could not do whilst being so poorly.

Reading, cycling, painting and lots more. (There was a time where my partner had to care full time for my baby and I). We all need some sort of a release-button...

I am grateful and happy to have my partner and beautiful son (nearly 6 yrs. old)

Kind wishes to you all.


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Hello Sabine

That's another thought provoking, colourful artwork .... you are so gifted!!

I agree me-time is very important to our wellbeing. We do all need a release button, although it can be hard to find if someone is in the depths of PP but reassuring that complete recovery is possible.

Best wishes.

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