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I experienced pp in 2013 Nov. about 3 years ago. Treatment took 2 years but I was late treated since my friend and the surrounding community were not aware of pp, they thought it could be a quiet different thing so they decided to send me to church for prayers instead of sending me to health care(mental health care unit), I didn't got any relief, after many days the symptoms become high and I changed totally from my normal behaviour and finally they decided to send me to health centre where it was identified that I'm suffering pp and started a dose. But through the entire period of recovery till now, i sometimes experience depression, bad thoughts(death thoughts) about myself, panic attacks and anxiety. July 2016 I conceived for second born(19weeks). currently I'm not using any kind of any medicine.Any help please so that I can serve from pp. In this second time and why the recovery take a long time like this ( 3 years)

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  • Hi Nemsong, it sounds like you've been having a tough time. Can I ask where your based? It sounds as if you have not been getting the support you need from the medical profession. PP really is a treatable illness, as is the depression and anxiety that can often follow. Different treatments work for different people. I found a course of antidepressants (Sertraline) effective in treating my PND after PP. But others also find talking therapies useful. Hope this helps, Xxxx

  • Thanks alot Orea for your concern. It will help alot

  • Hi Nemsong and welcome to the forum, I hope you are finding the information and shared experiences here helpful. I'm sorry to hear you had a hard time getting the right support when you experienced PP. It is such a shame that services are not in place for all women everywhere.

    I don't know if you have seen the APP Guides, which may be of help to you, especially around Recovery and Further Pregnancy? Here is the link: app-network.org/what-is-pp/...

    Take care, xx

  • Thanks alot Hannah for the link. I will visit and learn. Also i have already see and read some shared expriences from other moms which are particulary helpful.In my place services for women's suffering from pp are not good at all, even the community surrounding my area still not aware with pp.

    Be blessed

  • i am sorry but can,t seem to find an option to post a question regarding my 20 yr old grandaugther with post partum, baby under her mom and dad,s care for last 3 months

  • Hi arvine, and welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear your family member is experiencing PP, here is a link to the APP website which gives some further info and sources of support.


    Are you in the UK or elsewhere? Unfortunately services and support vary so widely, the above link also has the APP Guides (Recovery, Partners might be useful for you as a family member too?) Or you can see them directly here: app-network.org/what-is-pp/...

    If you wanted to start your own post, there is a green button at the right of the banner at the top of the page "Write a Post", just under the largest paper boat? Hope this helps and feel free to take a look around, there are other posts from family members too which might give you further support. Take care, xx

  • Hello nemsong

    I'm sorry to hear that where you live treatment for women with PP is not good. I'm glad your family finally let you have the care you needed. It must be very hard for you feeling as you do following the birth of your second child. Depression is very difficult to fight without medication so is it possible that your medical team can prescribe something for you? Following my second PP I suffered with depression for almost a year but eventually fully recovered with medication and treatment.

    I can't imagine how difficult it must be to cope without medication. Please try to ask for help from your family and doctor as I think without medication your battle to recover will take longer.

    Stay safe and take care.

  • Thanks much Lilybeth for your advice. I will try to find out proper medication and treatment.

    Stay blessed

  • Helllo nemsong

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I hope you will be able to find someone to listen and help you. It's not good to suffer in silence and not easy to carry on with routine when you're not well with such thoughts.

    Take care ... we are all here for you.

  • Dear lilybeth

    Thanks alot I appreciate you, other moms here and APP. In general for help. I'm very comfortable to meet every one here. I hope I'll be okay as together we can.

    All the experiences shared here and advices are particularly very helpful.

    Thanks much.


    Please Lilybeth I'm now pregnant is it possible for me to use antidepressants? Are they safe for pregnancy? Or should I check with doctor or what should I do during this pregnancy period, which thing I can do which can help me to minimise depression and bad thoughts? As I know after derevery I will use antidepressants. Any help please!

  • Hello nemsong

    I'm glad you have found the shared experiences and advice helpful. As I'm not medically qualified I don't know whether medication is safe in pregnancy but I do know some mums who have taken medication to avoid PP in subsequent pregnancies. I think you should check with your doctor who hopefully will listen to you. He should be able to suggest ways to minimise depression and bad thoughts.

    I'm sorry you're having such a bad time when pregnancy and motherhood are supposed to be a joy. Is it possible your doctor can refer you to the health centre where you received help with PP? Hopefully your family will be able to surround you with their support.

    Take very good care of yourself ....

  • Thanks Lilybeth have a great time

  • Hi Nemsong

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. Sorry though that you are still struggling a bit with depression. I am not medically qualified either but it is essential you get advice from your doctor - but really you need to see a perinatal psychiatrist (who specialises in mental health of women who are pregnant or within the first year after the baby is born) who can advise on medication - as sometimes general doctors don't know and just take people off medication when that is not usually the best thing to do.

    I am not sure where you live? We obviously know most about services in the UK. You should ask your GP if you can be referred to your local perinatal mental health team, if there is one. If not, perhaps they can refer you to the APP second opinion psychiatry service. Dr Ian Jones sees any woman who has had PP in the UK and can advise about second pregnancy etc. It is free to access, for you and your local health authority. If you don't live in the UK you won't be able to access it. The link is here: app-network.org/what-is-pp/...

    I also wanted to let you know about this website which may be useful. It is all about mental health medications and their side effects, including if it is safe to take during pregnancy. Perhaps you can look up the anti depressant you're on and see if it is safe to take in pregnancy.


    I hope all this is helpful, and I do hope you will be able to find the support you need during your pregnancy.


  • Hi Ellie

    I'm living in Romania, since October this year.thanks a lot for your quite and good explanation, its really gives me where to step on. Let me find a prenatal psycharist and also check the link of medication you provided. So that I can discuss with him/her way forward regarding my current situation.

    For the case of Dr. Ian Jones I think it will be difficult to access him cause I'm not in UK.

    Let me fight and I will keep writing feedback to you my dears.Your advices are very important to me, please don't stop.

    Thanks for your concern.

  • Hi Nemsong,

    Yes I don't think Dr Ian Jones would be able to see you. But I'm glad that our information is helpful. And you also know about the pregnancy guide that APP have too, about planning a pregnancy if you're at risk of PP? That has basically everything you need to know in it, and you could give it to the professionals supporting you so they have information too. It is free to download:


    Good luck with the pregnancy, I do hope you get the support you need and that it goes well X

  • Hi Ellie

    Thanks for the helpful information

    Stay blessed

  • Hello Nemsong,

    hope you will receive professional help, support and guidance in Romania.

    Wishing you well, too. Keep in touch.

    Sabine :-)

  • Hi Jasa

    Thanks for your reply, I hope so I will get proper professional help, let me take this seriously to find what is required regarding my situation

    I wish you happy for the new coming year 2017

  • Hello nemsong

    Just wondering how you are and whether you have been able to seek medical advice and support in Romania for your pregnancy?

    Take very good care of yourself and please keep in touch if we can help.

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