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Thank You All


Just a quick thanks to all of you! This group has made life so much brighter this past year!

I had Postpartum Psychosis in August 2011. I was on Seroquel for 17 months. Every year has been better but February of 2015 I was pretty low and angry at how PP took away so much, especially memories that are supposed to be vivid ie First Thanksgiving, First Christmas, first tooth, etc. I went back to my psychologist in March and Found this group about the same time!!

Thank you for your insights, post, and community.

Also, thank you for being based in the UK. I smile every time I read Mum, Flat, Push Car, Buggie, etc. From a Mama in the US who didn't know a soul who went through PP, each of you have given me strength!!

We are not alone. Thank you

PS: my awesome son is being a Fourager (acting like a teenager but 4) love him but boy oh boy

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Awe thanks to you too! Without people like you, brave enough to share your experiences in this forum we wouldn't be where we are. Such a vibrant and healing community!

Blessings from across the pond xxx


Hi K8Stack,

Great to hear that this forum has been helpful, it's great to hear that it has given you good information and helped you feel less alone. I think it's the same for all of us, I know when I had PP in 2009 I had no idea there were other people out there who had been through what I had and that I would be able to nod and smile and say to myself "yes, me too!" - and actually feel good about it, that something positive and supportive had come out of something so challenging and frankly awful at times.

I too have an awesome son (that is in fact his favourite word for everything!) - and at 6, he is a proper little chap who has an amazing character all of his own, and I am so proud of him. And of all of us and how far we've all come. Take care, xx


Thank you for your lovely post - I completely agree! What a strong and positive group to be part of, I'm so proud to be part of it and glad that you feel the same.

Love from Jessie (in London!)


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