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Thank you

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I just thought I'd catch up with everyone that offered help and support over the past few weeks. We are now out in Australia and I am pleased to say that our DiL is now out of hospital with home support. She has had her medication reduced, is a wonderfully caring, if a little scared, new Mom. Our son has done an amazing job, I'm so proud of him, our new grandchild is the most relaxed, even tempered and happy child. The icing on the cake today was when my DiL came back from a hospital visit her daughter certainly seemed to give her a smile and DiL was delighted!! It was lovely to see!😍

We've had the privilege of our first babysitting day!!

Thank you all for your wise words, thanks to you, I don't think I have said anything inappropriate and I think we are managing to give support without unnecessary comment or guidance, which has made for a lovely relaxed first week here.

We aren't staying with the 'children' we have our own apartment and are careful not to visit every day or stay beyond bath time, so that Mom and baby each have their routine's unaffected by us.

I am still worried about my lovely DiL, but only yesterday saw the old sparkle in her eyes a little, which was such a blessing.

I know it's early days, but they seem to be getting good support and are in a much better position than they were a few weeks ago.

Just wanted to let you know and thank you.

Hoping you're all keeping well,

💕💕 Diptfordblue xx

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Thank you so much for your wonderfully happy post. I'm so pleased your dil is on the road to recovery and it sounds like she is doing so well. Good luck to all of you - you're a wonderful and insightful mil not to mention incredibly understanding and supportive - all these things are so important in the recovery process x

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I have followed your previous posts and I'm so pleased to read this! 😀 I had PPP last May after my first baby also and at the time my family thought I'd never recover. I was sectioned and in a mother & baby unit for 8 weeks. I too lost my sparkle which is now back & pleased to hear your DIL's is returning too. 13 months on I'm pretty much back to "normal" and now back to work. You are doing all the right things with the support you are giving and your son & DIL are very lucky to have you x

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Thank you for posting, it's lovely to read your update and that things are going well.

Enjoy the time with your family.

J xx

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Lovely to hear she's back home and coping well. Glad you're having a lovely visit. Well done to you all. Enjoy. ☺

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Good to see your update, thank-you; that sparkle is just the start, it will come back ;-)

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Thank you for your gratitude and informing the forum, dear Diptfordblue.

So pleased for you that you are now with your son, your daughter in law and your new grandchild.

It is very different when you actually can be close with your loved once and offer your support.

Of course the healing process and recovery of PPP will take time, -your son and his new family, but particularly mum and baby are receiving good support.

Cherish the momentum and all in stepping stones.

Wishing you and your family all the best & look after yourself.


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Hello Diptfordblue

I hope your daughter in law is continuing to recover and you are enjoying family time in Australia, especially with your granddaughter, or are your home now?

Thinking of you ..... take care.


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