You got this Mama!

You got this Mama!

Hi everyone,

I'm sure, like many of you here, you've felt great support and comfort from this forum. There's nothing that compares to sharing stories and feeling like you're not alone with people who understand and have been there. Thank you.

In my last (my only) post on here earlier in the year, I was despairing, I was in the midst of my recovery. I still am in many ways, but I am massively getting there.

Today was a day that proved that. I took my little boy on a train to meet his Daddy in London for lunch. In spite of being anxious and massively over thinking the whole thing, we made it and had a great time.

After lunch I took my little boy to the Tate Modern ... and it was there that I felt it... our moment of pure joy together. It was the most special thing standing in the huge expanse of the turbine hall surrounded by space, just us, together. And as he giggled at me being silly with him, I welled up, realising how far we'd come since I got PP.

I just wanted to share with everyone, in the hope that if any of you are struggling or suffering today, feeling like you won't make it.... TRUST ME.... you will. I, like so many of you have been to the darkest of places and come through it. You're not alone. Just hang in there, you got this Mama!


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  • Hi Revans86

    Thank you for posting this, it made me well up a little (in a happy way!), I'm glad you're feeling so much better and what a gorgeous little boy!

    Take care xx

  • Hi J-B-55,

    Thank you for your reply, sorry I made you well up! I have felt such support from this forum just reading how many other people have been in the same position as me, I wanted to proffer a little light and hope for someone's dark day.

    Take care yourself. xxx

  • Hi Revan86

    Such a relief isn't it to realise that you are surfacing from the depths of PP? Your post will be very reassuring to other mums. A very emotional moment to share here and I hope your recovery continues ....... your son has the loveliest smile for his Mama :) xx

  • Thank you Lilybeth, it's a feeling I've never quite felt before. My little ones smiles were slow to come... but now he's unstoppable!!! 😁. Take care xxx

  • Hello Revans86,

    what a lovely and encouraging post for everybody on this forum.

    A big thank you & hugs.


  • Thanks Jasa for your reply. Hope it helps someone on a dark day to realise they'll get there too. Take care xxx

  • Hi Revans86,

    Wow, what a lovely inspiring post! Well done for coming so far in such a short time. 😊

    It is a huge struggle to get well again and recovery can be a long and daunting process. You show that we can all do it, and the support that we give each other is a helping hand along the way xx

  • Thanks Helen_84 for your reply. I wanted to share a little hope for others. It's a massive struggle one that I didn't think I'd win at the time. Hope this offers a glimmer of light for people that they'll get there too. Xxx

  • That is sooo lovely. Well done for getting through it. Your son is gorgeous :). There so is light at the end of the tunnel. I have 2 boys -7 and 3. And not been ill for 6 years so there is hope which your inspiring message conveys so nicely. Don't lose the faith in recovery! X

  • Hi Joanna,

    Thank you for your reply. Wow two boys😁, I hope you're enjoying a nice summer together. Well done on your recovery, that's an incredible achievement. Huge strength and courage amongst all the ladies here.

    Take care. Xxx

  • So great to hear you are doing well and had such a great time :-) How cute is your little boy too! Adorable! Going to London made me feel overwhelmed even before having my daughter so good for you that you not only went but had a good time :-)

  • Hi Nara1, thank you for your reply. I was super nervous, but now I've done it I hope I'll be able to again soon. Your mind can play tricks can't it, filling us with self doubt all the time. As I said, I'm still getting there in my recovery, but will treasure our day out and keep reminding myself how strong I am. There is a huge amount of courage and inspiring strength on this forum, you're all amazing mamas! Take care Xxx

  • Such a lovely encouraging post - thank you for sharing

    Love and prayers to those who are struggling - you are all strong inspirational ladies - keep on keeping on


  • Agree butterfly1999. These are amongst the strongest mamas there are!! Take care, and thanks for your reply xxx

  • I remember taking my little boy to a storytime at the local library, and having this same feeling - like I had finally moved to a new place in my recovery and in motherhood.

    So glad you are feeling better these days, thank you for sharing this with us <3

  • Hey Ceew, it was the strangest of moments and crept up on me so unexpectedly which was why it was so wonderful and powerful I imagine. It was like something clicked! Well done on your recovery, you're all an inspiration. Take care xxx

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